(AUGUSTA) – Chester Wheeler, director of the Augusta Housing and Community Development
Department announced the launch of a new website for Heritage Pine, Laney Walker/
Bethlehem’s flagship development project.


“This is really a two-for-the-price-of-one announcement,” Wheeler noted. There’s our launch for Heritage
Pine, our model development teeing up the revitalization of Laney Walker/Bethlehem. And there’s also
the launch of an extensive marketing andbranding campaign, focusing on Heritage Pine as the initial

“What people need to understand about the revitalization of Laney Walker/Bethlehem,” Wheeler
continued, “is that it is both a nod to the rich history of the past and also a vision for 21st century in-town
living. It’s an exciting and innovative vision, one that Heritage Pine epitomizes and one that needs more
than just a tag line to communicate. We are launching the Heritage Pine development and the brand via a
new website, where you can see how all the pieces fit together.”

“When you visit the Heritage Pine development, located on Pine Street between 11th and 12th Streets,”
noted Hawthorne Welcher, Assistant Director for the AHCDD,” you will find a number of design
elements that are familiar and comfortable, like wraparound porches and small pocket parks. But you will
also find cutting-edge design elements as well, green features that reduce energy and water consumption
and enhance long-term value for homeowners. Heritage Pine weaves together the three major themes
of Laney Walker/Bethlehem generally: Restoring (the past), Connecting (to the various neighborhoods
bordering Augusta’s urban core), and Transforming (a rich past into a model example for the 21st century

The revitalization of Laney Walker/Bethlehem got its start in 2008, when the Augusta Commission
passed legislation supporting the promotion of an African-American Heritage program in Augusta.
Funds are currently being used for land banking, acquisition, planning, and improvements for Laney
Walker/Bethlehem. Since passage of the resolution, the Augusta Housing & Community Development
Department has been actively developing an overall masterplan for the area, a pattern book to guide
development, a roster of pre-qualified vendors (developers, builders, architects, engineers) selected
to focus on early-phase catalytic construction, an innovative financial incentive program to catalyze
purchasing, and the creation of a marketing plan to promote the overall effort.

Contact: Chester A. Wheeler III, Director, Augusta Housing and Community Development Department,
706.821.1797 or cwheeler@augustaga.gov.

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