Bethesda Academy Hires New Learning Specialist and Creates Specialized Success Program on Campus

Bethesda Academy Hires New Learning Specialist and Creates Specialized Success Program on Campus

Susan Boatright New Learning Specialist at Bethesda Academy

Susan Boatright, Bethesda Academy’s New Learning Specialist

(SAVANNAH, GA) Susan Boatright, a credentialed educator and learning specialist is developing a student success program for Bethesda Academy that will include an individualized learning plan for each student, particularly those with recognized learning issues.

Boatright is designing the Bethesda Learning Plan to focus on meeting the individual needs of students by providing academic, organizational and motivational support. The program includes benchmarks to monitor the progress of each student’s grades and academic status and to help them develop soft and executive skills.

“When I was at West Point, I led a program similar to this one and witnessed the real difference it made in the lives of those cadets,” said Bethesda Academy president Michael Hughes. “I am very encouraged about introducing the Bethesda Learning Plan here as we’ll be better able to evaluate and identify the academic and social needs of those students with documentation of diagnosed learning differences.”

The Bethesda Learning Plan includes collaboration with Bethesda’s teachers to develop relevant assignments and tests and is structured to maintain consistent quality communication with teachers, parents and students. It also evaluates learning styles outside the classroom to create a well-rounded program designed to help each individual student succeed.

“I consider finding a student’s style of learning to be like unlocking a door to a world of possibilities,” said Boatright. “I love the challenge of determining what works best for each class or student. This program requires patience but also creativity and passion.”

Boatright, who had taught at Chatham Academy in Savannah since 2014, received a bachelor of science in education and a master of special education from Liberty University. She left Chatham Academy to join the educational team at Bethesda for the 2018-19 school year.

Founded in 1740, Bethesda Academy is the oldest child-care institution in the United States. Now it is a private boarding and day school for young men in grades six through twelve and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The 650-acre campus features a variety of athletic teams, a wildlife management and organic farming program and STEM curriculum. Through its “Lead The Way” initiative, students have access to exclusive integrated learning and leadership opportunities. For more information, visit or call 912.644.4376.

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