Savannah Community Headlines Live

Sav. Community Headlines: June 22, 2020

Join us for Savannah Community Headlines LIVE!  The Carriage Trade PR visibility team streams live every Monday morning at 9 am as a way to keep our community connected during the pandemic. We talk with invited guests and you can join the conversation. Let us know how you are and what projects are happening or are not happening due to COVID.

You can find Savannah Community Headlines LIVE on our Facebook page and our Youtube Channel. Join the conversation around the new virtual @WATERCOOLER with Marjorie, Carmel, Cat, and Myandi.

We all miss seeing each other, and in a very small way, this platform helps to keep us all connected.  You can post comments and we can pull your post on the screen and talk about it.

If you’re interested in becoming a guest on Savannah Community Headlines LIVE, please email us at

Hope to see you around the virtual water cooler soon! Meanwhile, check out Carriage Trade PR’s local newswire and subscribe to the Savannah Community Headlines weekly email to keep your finger on the pulse of Savannah!