Acqua Smeraldina natural artesian water is pleased to announce the pre-sale of its 2009 special collection Christmas bottle. A portion of the proceeds from the festive bottle, which will be available to retail outlets and restaurants in time for the Christmas season, will benefit "Un Progetto per la Vita" ("A Project for Life"), an Italian fundraising initiative that seeks to find a cure for blood diseases such as leukemia.

Since its inception, the Acqua Smeraldina Christmas bottle has benefited "Un Progetto per la Vita," a program sponsored by Osidea, a nonprofit organization that encourages the storage of umbilical cord blood.

"Acqua Smeraldina is the purest water out there, and water is at the essence of life," says Giuseppe Pinna, vice president of the Smeraldina Corporation. "It is an honor for us to send a portion of the proceeds from the sale of our Christmas bottle to this cause. ‘A Project for Life’ has the ultimate goal to give kids and anyone affected with leukemia and other terrible diseases hope and a new chance in life."

Smeraldina is the only bottled water company currently producing a collectible Christmas bottle. Both Smeraldina’s still and sparkling waters will be available in the 750 ml glass Christmas Edition bottle, which will feature a Christmas tree, blue and yellow ornaments, and holly. This is the fourth year that the company has produced the limited edition bottle.

Consumers may check the Smeraldina website at Smeraldina starting November 1 to find out more information about when and where the Christmas bottle will be available for purchase.

Acqua Smeraldina natural artesian water is now available in the United States through the recently opened distribution centers in Chicago and New Jersey. Additional centers will open soon in Miami and Los Angeles. Smeraldina bottled water comes from Sardinia, a small Italian island located in the center of the Mediterranean Sea. Sardinia is considered a "blue zone" because of the number of residents who live active lives past the age of 100. Smeraldina water is filtered for 200 years through the granite rocks of Gallura in an underground aquifer 1,000 feet under the Mountain of God. Numerous doctors and experts recommend Smeraldina Natural Artesian water for its perfect balance of sodium, chlorides and bicarbonates, which help to correctly maintain arterial blood pressure, and for its diuretic properties. For more information, please contact Giuseppe Pinna, vice president of the Smeraldina Corporation, at 414-431-4751 or visit Smeraldina. Smeraldina Corporation, The Empire State Building, 350 Fifth Avenue, 59th Floor, New York, NY 10118.

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