HANGER GLOVE, New Product, Prevents Clothes from Slipping and Shoulder Bumps

New Product, Hanger Glove, Offers High Quality at a Reasonable Price


(SAVANNAH, GA) Savannah local Andrea Howard is proud to announce the official release of her product the Hanger Glove, a new invention which offers an easy way to recycle clothes hangers into an all-purpose closet accessory.




Hanger Glove is a sleek-looking clothes hanger cover made out of high-quality Neoprene, a remarkably flexible fabric used in wetsuits. This material allows Hanger Glove to stretch to fit over any type of clothes hanger, while the unique design helps prevent clothing from slipping and eliminates unsightly stretching or shoulder bumps.


“I have used the Hanger Glove with some of my worst culprits, strappy tank tops, v-neck blouses and heavy sweaters. It has been a huge help,” said Natali Johnson, a customer from Atlanta, Georgia. “Now, when I search through my crowded closet, the strappy tops have not slipped off the hanger. The v-neck blouses, with their slippery material, have stayed so secure I have cut out the disruptive hanger strings. Unexpectedly, it also keeps the shape to my heavy sweaters; the shoulders don’t get pulled and warped over time. This product is a huge step up from the ineffective pink pads and wrinkling clips.”


At less than five dollars a piece, this simple yet versatile closet accessory makes a great investment for people interested in both a well-organized closet and a tidy appearance. Hanger Glove is available on Andrea Howard’s website, hangerglove.com, and can be purchased individually or in a value pack of three.


About Hanger Glove

Hanger Glove was born out of a woman’s frustration while trying to clean her closet. Andrea Howard, a Savannah local for more than forty years, came to the conclusion that no hanger on the market could prevent clothing from slipping while eliminating shoulder marks. She used her creativity and previous experience from the advertising industry to create a product that could meet those needs, while allowing women to recycle their current clothes hangers. Hanger Glove’s goal is to provide a simple, yet practical solution to problems associated with ordinary clothes hangers.


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