(SAVANNAH, GA) iTech for Business, a leading IT and telecommunications service and equipment provider, is pleased to announce the donation of a state- of- the- art SHORETEL IP phone system to the offices of The Community Health Mission in Savannah this Friday, at 1:00 p.m.  The donation will take place at Community Health Mission whish is located at 310 Eisenhower Dr # 5.


The Community Health Mission offers free primary healthcare to approximately 6,000 uninsured residents of Savannah, GA.

The downtime this health provider has endured with their old phone system was unacceptable. The new SHORE TEL phone system will improve communication, eliminate downtime and provide the technology upgrade that Community Health Mission needs to continue serving Savannah’s residents with the best level of care.

"This upgraded phone system will allow us to serve our patients so much more efficiently and will enable us to respond promptly to their needs," said Dr. Miriam Rittmeyer, executive director of Community Health Mission.  "In 2010 CHM provided more than 20,000 patient visits and also provided more than 1,500 specialty care visits, so you can imagine how important an operational phone system is. We are indebted to our volunteers and to the generous financial and in-kind donations we receive. This ITech donation is an absolute God-send and we are so appreciative."

Dr. Julia Johnson was recently named medical director of CHM, taking over the position which was previously held by Dr. Dick Dent.  " I have been serving as Medical Director for just a brief time but have very quickly found that Community Health Mission is playing a critical role in taking care of its own," said Dr. Johnson. "Communication is an essential part of providing seamless care of patients and technical donations such as the new phone system have helped tremendously in that regard."

"We have provided IT services to The Community Health Mission over the years, and are familiar with the important medical services they provide in our community. When we realized their dire need for a new phone system for which they lacked funding, we knew that supporting their valuable work was simply the right thing to do. " said iTech President, Alastair Fisher.

 "Savannah is a wonderful place to live and work and we are grateful to have a strong client base. We see it as our duty not only to provide the best solutions and services to our clients, but more importantly, to give back to those like The Community Health Mission.  This will help bring their communications into the 21st century and we are happy to play a part in that", added   iTech Owner, George Powers.

iTech for Business, a Savannah based company, is not only dedicated to providing organizations with predictable, business focused IT services, but they are dedicated to giving back to the surrounding community. To learn more about iTech, visit www.iTech.biz or call 912-239-9909.

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