The 13th Annual Savannah Asian Festival is being held Saturday, June 7, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Savannah Civic Center.  Delicious Asian cuisine will be provided by the Coastal Catering Alliance (CCA) along with several other local restaurants and community groups while a variety of events, activities, live entertainment, and demonstrations will be on hand.
The festival is a whirlwind tour of the East under one roof and will include food booths, each representing a different Asian country and cuisine.  Savannah’s Coastal Catering Alliance (CCA) will be presenting a selection of regional favorites from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Polynesia, the Middle East and Russia, just to name a few.  Other non-profit groups are invited to participate in this exciting event through the CCA and can do so by contacting CCA founder Chef Matt Cohen at 912-313-8781.
The Savannah Asian Festival is an intercultural experience featuring the talents and culture of the entire Asian community and has become one of the largest celebrations of Asian culture in the southeastern United States.  This event will feature a full day of cuisine, crafts, dance, music and educational opportunities.
The festival is free and open to the public.  A smorgasbord of cultures will be explored, unique Asian delicacies will be sold at food booths and a Cultural Marketplace showcasing fashions and treasures unique to each nation including Chinese calligraphy, Asian art, exotic accessories, and much more will be presented for sale.  For a complete performance schedule visit www.savannahga.gov/arts or call (912) 651-6417.
The Coastal Catering Alliance (CCA) is Savannah’s new professional hospitality co-op made up of some of the areas top chefs and catering services.  Founded by Chef Matt Cohen, owner of The New South Café, the CCA is a cooperative formed to provide large scale catering services for up to 100,000 people.  The CCA is an initiative with the purpose of building a local, professional, hospitality cooperative which utilizes local talent and products and offers an expansion of services not available from other small independent firms.  912-313-8781 www.thecoastalcateringalliance.com

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