(Okatie, SC) –  Chief Operating Officer of Biopsy Diagnostics laboratory, Kevin McGuire, describes his job as demanding.  “That is a capital “D” on demanding,” said McGuire.  Since first opening their laboratory doors nearly four years ago, McGuire has seen his responsibilities grow exponentially.  In addition to overseeing such far-reaching departments as billing, gross examination, histology and marketing, he is also the “Sergeant Major” for Medical Director, Dr. Peter White.  “He says get it done and I get it done,” said McGuire.  “It’s not easy, but it is that simple.”

McGuire has been with Bx-Dx since the beginning.  He was one of three employees hired by Dr. White, the lab’s founder, before the lab ever opened.  In order to fulfill his vision of a patient-driven pathology laboratory, Dr. White’s focus has always been on the hiring of caring, charming, hard-working individuals regardless of their background, and personally training them himself.  

McGuire is one of those individuals.  He accepted the position of Director of Pathology Outreach for Bx-Dx at the end of 2002 and essentially helped build the lab from the ground up.  He, along with Dr. White, spent countless hours installing cabinets, countertops, sinks and laboratory equipment.  At last, the state-of-the art diagnostic pathology laboratory, Biopsy Diagnostics, was born.

You could certainly say that McGuire has paid his dues.  After spending the first year maintaining computer systems, repairing equipment, covering for absent employees and marketing, McGuire was promoted to the COO of the lab. 

In an age of fast paced medical care where patients often feel like a mere number, Biopsy Diagnostics is a lab with a refreshing approach.  “It has been the goal of the laboratory, as well as my personal goal, to provide rapid and accurate pathology results to the local community,” McGuire said.  “I realize how difficult it can be to wait for test results to come back, and at Biopsy Diagnostics, we pride ourselves on not making patients wait.”

At Biopsy Diagnostics they are always searching for effective ways to facilitate this goal.  Signs hanging over each doorway in the lab read “Behind every specimen waits a worried patient,” reminding staff members of their priority each day. 

In light of this, one of the things that Dr. White wants McGuire to do is increase the efficiency of bringing anatomic specimens from doctor’s offices into the lab located in Okatie, SC.  “This was no problem our first two years,” reports McGuire.  “But as our patient service area has grown, so have our logistical challenges.”

Added to McGuire’s resume, is pilot.  McGuire recently earned his private pilot’s certification.  He will soon begin studying for his commercial pilot’s license, which will enable him to begin flying specimens from distances of hundreds of miles back to Biopsy Diagnostics.  “Our goal is 24-hour turnaround on biopsies to decrease patient worry,” McGuire said.  “This is a future innovation that we plan to incorporate that will aid in that process,” said a smiling McGuire.  One gets the impression, too, that he may just really enjoy flying.

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