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(SAVANNAH, GA) Dr. Angela Canfield of Sandfly Family Dental in Savannah, GA announces the first talk in the 2015 Inspiring Smiles Series will be held Tuesday, January 27 at 6 p.m. The discussion is titled  Mercury Removal in the the Mouth. To RSVP, call Dr. Canfield at 912-349-0472. http://www.sandflyfamilydental.com/

(SAVANNAH, GA) Enmark’s 2015 Encourage Health Educational Series presents their 2015 lineup helping nonprofit organizations. The series will feature four presentations throughout the year, with the first lecture, "5 Strategies for the Prevention and Treatment of Childhood Obesity," presented on Tuesday, February 24 from 11:30am to 1:00pm by Nathan Mikeska, BS Nutrition, CPT, CWC and Courtney Peterson, Certified Health Education Specialist and wellness coach at Ourlife Health. RSVP FOR A FREE LUNCH: http://healthysavannah.org/event-sign-up-page/

(MASHABLE) Electric vehicle sales rose 23% last year in the U.S. http://mashable.com/2015/01/08/electric-vehicle-sales-2014/

(SAVANNAH, GA) The U.S. Census Bureau will conduct a 2015 test census in the Savannah media market to experiment with Internet responses, to see whether social media advertising is an effective way to increase participation, and to determine whether online advertising can reach hard-to-count areas. http://www.census.gov/programs-surveys/decennial-census/2020-census/research-testing/testing-activities/2015-census-tests/savannah.html

(INC) 7 Business Tools That Are Perfect for Solopreneurs http://www.inc.com/minda-zetlin/7-business-tools-that-are-perfect-for-solopreneurs.html

(SAVANNAH, GA) The Savannah Jaycees announces that Charles Bowen will be the second speaker in the 2015 Leadership NOW Lecture Series on Tuesday, February 3 at the Savannah Jaycees headquarters, located at 101 Atlas Street. Open networking begins at 5:30 p.m. and the program will run from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Free and open to the public: Visit https://mysavannah.wordpress.com/2015/01/14/charles-bowen-of-the-bowen-law-group-to-speak-at-leadership-now-lecture-on-tuesday-february-3/

(MASHABLE) How to be more assertive at work http://mashable.com/2015/01/17/be-assertive-at-work/

(SAVANNAH, GA) Fashion Stylist and Designer, Ashley Borders, launches her services as personal stylist and image consultant in Savannah. Borders has worked in the fashion industry in several major international and national markets. Services include wardrobe audits, corporate image consulting(personal branding), personal styling and personal shopping. Borders’ goal is to develop her clients’ own personal style that fits with their personality and lifestyle. http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001DHS6k2rVucCM3ISEXKzEPxbr6YZKkXkRS1h5JXxjxmusyrZ7chEOqVDl4EsF3F48fPGI0rpnqqQAdn70aCPZZVlUkh6q6R6I57BNyRKePb7jlqcdDpIOksxzbjwKwpvTdx2Bg3q4zJw0UPVRVXI6r7sjbbiPlZUkcIF4Rf2PG1r9oVVuSfLj5w==&c=-EcV-XzwyVwFeDZI1zI634zZtwRvx6dvFwRmHHDZaNqFhX-MJYniGA==&ch=hpJmRENrR0uUKE9i_eLTmFUtQbydlujTs82pIKVgJZV2wM_kuTQS2Q==

(SAVANNAH, GA) There are over 1,000 bird hunting preserves in America. The Rivers & Glen Trading Co. experts can help you find all the equipment you need. For more information, call 912-349-2352 or visit http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001DHS6k2rVucCM3ISEXKzEPxbr6YZKkXkRS1h5JXxjxmusyrZ7chEOqaEOJ6ITu2OUK-ALO6hTy9RdKZNtAscc462RcamS8Rg-kVNx2fBvf3nQdozGONpBBh52XpDKnv-epffGErDfRQc2ZFO5gOw5uYOaaGHsZUXmu0P__W3166k=&c=-EcV-XzwyVwFeDZI1zI634zZtwRvx6dvFwRmHHDZaNqFhX-MJYniGA==&ch=hpJmRENrR0uUKE9i_eLTmFUtQbydlujTs82pIKVgJZV2wM_kuTQS2Q==

(SAVANNAH, GA)  Genevieve Zeigler is a 2 year old girl who was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome, a rare and catastrophic form of intractable epilepsy that begins in infancy. Through a benefit concert on January 31 featuring Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love, her family is raising money to get Genevieve a service dog. For more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/1009130085780711/1053455078014878/?notif_t=like and http://www.gofundme.com/hopeforGenevieve

(POOLER, GA) This weekend (1/24-1/25) Savannah Yoga Center in Pooler is offering 2 days of FREE YOGA Classes to give everyone a chance to try yoga. They offer everything from Slow Flow to Hot Power classes and each class during Yoga Fest is only 40 minutes, so students can pick and choose the classes they would like to try. For more information, visit http://savannahyoga.com/events/yoga-fest-pooler/

(INC) Tony Robbins’ Three Steps To Creating a Breakthrough: http://www.inc.com/paul-b-brown/tony-robbins-three-steps-to-creating-a-breakthrough.html

(A&C GOLD & DIAMONDS) Interesting facts about your birthstone: Birthstones have an ancient history, even dating as far as the Bible stories have started. In the book of Exodus, there are twelve gemstones representing the twelve tribes of Israel.  Primarily, birthstones carry good luck and protection. Birthstones incorporated in jewelries symbolizing a birth month are believed to provide the wearer astrological benefits such as healing, fortune and a shield from possible harm. For more information visit, http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001DHS6k2rVucCM3ISEXKzEPxbr6YZKkXkRS1h5JXxjxmusyrZ7chEOqVDl4EsF3F481GU0yIZLWV-Gx3HdOCRgMuSePP9p62H3nN_G_zxr5FiH_UHrBvUmkG7jTYUFxhIvGhmHJUIYQRK8AfrkIIetIpKBxekVjH0vnO_a5FRdkV4=&c=-EcV-XzwyVwFeDZI1zI634zZtwRvx6dvFwRmHHDZaNqFhX-MJYniGA==&ch=hpJmRENrR0uUKE9i_eLTmFUtQbydlujTs82pIKVgJZV2wM_kuTQS2Q==

(SAVANNAH, GA) Celia Dunn Sotheby’s International Realty presents 301 E. Harris Street, Savannah, GA 31401.  This 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom house is a 2,750 square feet home that was renovated in 2006 and includes a courtyard with a fountain. For more information: http://celiadunnsir.com/savannah/idx/mls-130926-301_east_harris_street_savannah_ga_31401

(GOODWILL OF THE COASTAL EMPIRE) Did you know that Goodwill supports G-star Staffing, a nonprofit staffing agency? Revenues from G-star Staffing support Goodwill’s mission to assist people with different abilities in finding employment to live independently. To apply for G-Star Staffing visit http://goodwillsavannah.org/gstar/

(INC) 10 Mistakes Unhappy People Make Daily: http://www.inc.com/lolly-daskal/10-mistakes-unhappy-people-make-daily.html

(SAVANNAH, GA) Mountain Film is on tour in Savannah on January 23 and 24. Their films range from heart warming to adventure. To purchase tickets and learn more: http://www.mountainfilmsav.org/

(HOSPICE SAVANNAH) Helping Children Cope with Loss, Death, and Grief: Tips for Teachers and Parents. www.HospiceSavannah.org/GriefSupportHelp

(WILMINGTON ISLAND, GA) Island’s Women’s and Teen Day: Coping with Major Life Changes is a full day of presentations that focuses on suffering, specifically for women. The key-note address by a professional grief psychologist will be on February 7. For more information: http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001DHS6k2rVucCM3ISEXKzEPxbr6YZKkXkRS1h5JXxjxmusyrZ7chEOqVDl4EsF3F4880BROK1UlmF4MYa2CHWgeYha9H6nsHE8zVgO5jI_VfUBTAR-Ukrahq0ICahuKj2Oxf6AV8OHfhlxA9Rz2aWHjjhLggUxmDW64ArUFkSAvFs=&c=-EcV-XzwyVwFeDZI1zI634zZtwRvx6dvFwRmHHDZaNqFhX-MJYniGA==&ch=hpJmRENrR0uUKE9i_eLTmFUtQbydlujTs82pIKVgJZV2wM_kuTQS2Q==

(SAVANNAH, GA) The Lead n Link 2015 Women’s Conference begins Friday, February 27.  http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001DHS6k2rVucCM3ISEXKzEPxbr6YZKkXkRS1h5JXxjxmusyrZ7chEOqRQZmIJdnxFwKgeEhn54utvzYIhiQAZIHQXnC2iYRw3e8dkr4TsB7_byTt41jCoDxN2lD5Kxe7LiHJbdi4V3mTap9WIlUIBDYbwXSb3cOuidjUVg8fiIXRo=&c=-EcV-XzwyVwFeDZI1zI634zZtwRvx6dvFwRmHHDZaNqFhX-MJYniGA==&ch=hpJmRENrR0uUKE9i_eLTmFUtQbydlujTs82pIKVgJZV2wM_kuTQS2Q==

(SAVANNAH, GA) Hospice Savannah, Inc. & The Steward Center for Palliative Care present a lecture series titled "Things no one wants to think about, but should: The advantages of advance care planning" by Thomas J. Smith, MD. The public is invited to attend on January 30 at noon. For more information, call 912-298-0313.

(SAVANNAH, GA)  The Savannah Morning News invites you to dine like royalty at Savannah’s finest restaurants and help Second Harvest Food Bank of Coastal Georgia.  Savannah Restaurant Week is January 23 through February 1. For more information: dining.savannahnow.com.

(SAVANNAH, GA) Get to know the ducks that spend their winter on the Georgia Coast by bird scouting with Diana Churchill on Sunday January 25, 2pm-4pm. "Ducks on Holiday" is presented by the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge. For more information, call 912-236-8115.

(SAVANNAH, GA) Coastal Pet Rescue introduces Bella, a large, female yellow lab mix who is good with other dogs and children. To see a picture of Bella and to learn how you can adopt her, visit: http://coastalpetrescue.org/adopt/view/2014-d-214-bella-5/

(SAVANNAH, GA) Savannah’s Small Business Council presents 2015’s first speed networking session where Each attendee will have 30 seconds to present who they are and what their company does to the other attendees.  The event will take place on February 11 from 8-9am at the Savannah Marriott Riverfront. For more information, contact Stephanit Boaen at  912.644.6458 or SBoaen@SavannahChamber.com.

(SAVANNAH, GA) The Park Place Outreach Youth Emergency Shelter announces their Celebration of Love event, an evening of jazz, auctions, dinner and entertainment, taking place Friday, Feb. 6 in celebration of the organization’s 31 year anniversary. The evening will start at 6 p.m. at the Plantation Club of the Landings. For More information, visit https://mysavannah.wordpress.com/2015/01/12/a-celebration-of-love-concert-to-benefit-park-place-outreach-on-february-6/

(SAVANNAH, GA) Wesley Community Centers of Savannah, Inc. announces The Love Walk-scheduled for Saturday, February 14. The 3.6K walk begins at 9:00 am and will take place at Wesley (1601 Drayton Street). Join Wesley for pre and post rallies, door prizes, a silent auction, entertainment, and fellowship. Funds raised will support critical programs that directly impact women, children, and families who are struggling through poverty to find self-sufficiency. "It’s a Love Thang!" For more information, call (912) 236-4226 or visit http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001DHS6k2rVucCM3ISEXKzEPxbr6YZKkXkRS1h5JXxjxmusyrZ7chEOqfb-p2-mmlU9Dts19g0lM2f4I_Z9N32eWrwIv_W0_mRNSXx37yutGfeyWZuVBQylM8cxXDK4viLrUcgU8Xp7CzlOU55MzsWdROhghB1d6ecPDpfilBu1E48es9M_t9-nQA==&c=-EcV-XzwyVwFeDZI1zI634zZtwRvx6dvFwRmHHDZaNqFhX-MJYniGA==&ch=hpJmRENrR0uUKE9i_eLTmFUtQbydlujTs82pIKVgJZV2wM_kuTQS2Q==

(SAVANNAH, GA) Savannah Magazine and BiS (Business in Savannah) is recognizing Savannah’s Rising Stars of Business at an event hosted at Belford’s Savannah Seafood & Steaks at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 21, at 315 W. St. Julian St.
Tickets are $10. Admission includes light appetizers and two drink tickets. A cash bar will be available. Tickets can be purchased at gennext2015.eventbrite.com.

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