(Savannah, GA) The New South Café (TNSC) is proud to introduce their Vice President and Executive Chef, Scott Gordon. Touting an impressive resume, Chef Scott brings a unique style and flair to The New South Café .

A graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, his skills and style have been shaped by many outstanding culinarians along the way, including the well known Chef Fritz Gitschner who was recently nominated by the American Culinary Federation for Chef of the Year and the world famous Chef Norman Van Aken, founder of the visionary way of cooking known as 'New World Cuisine.' Chef Scott worked in Florida for many years with Chef Norman Van Aken and has brought that unique influence with him to Savannah.

As Executive Chef at TNSC, Scott uses his expertise behind the scenes, creating the menus, preparing the cuisine and executing the masterful plate presentations. Describing his dishes as art on a plate, Chef Scott takes great pride in this aspect of being a chef. "The way food is presented is an important part of the dining experience. I like to send out a dish that can be
admired and seems at first glance too beautiful to eat," he said.

The unique influence and style that Chef Scott brings to the TNSC includes living off the local land here in Savannah and incorporating the popular flavors of both Latin food and Asian cuisine, while also maintaining the integrity of southern style food. The fusion creates quite an experience for the taste buds.

"We prepare fabulous southern food, but not what you will find on any other menu in the city," Chef Scott said.

A native of Philadelphia, Scott moved to Atlantic City at seven years old. According to Scott he was a natural in the kitchen. He loved to cook and eat growing up. He often watched his mother prepare food for the family, sneaking in tastes when her back was turned. It is here that he began learning about different ingredients, spices and cuts of meat. "I realized very early on that by preparing the food, I was able to select the best parts and freshest ingredients for myself," he said, "which was much easier than fighting with my three brothers at the dinner table."

Chef Scott began working in the restaurant industry during high school. He worked his way up through various full service dining establishments including casinos, large Greek diners, and an upscale restaurant in Trump Plaza. While working at Trump Plaza he was pulled aside by two CIA alumni who recommended Scott expand his natural abilities with formal culinary training. Impressed by Scott's talent in the kitchen, both chefs wrote letters of recommendation to the top rated Culinary Institute of America where Scott began his professional culinary journey, transforming his raw talent into a ripe culinary career.

TNSC serves comfort food gourmet style, matching your appetite for a new culinary experience with your hunger for the authentic food of the south. Founders and co-owners, Chefs Matthew Cohen and Scott Gordon, pride themselves in breaking the stigma commonly placed on southern style food, offering a young and fresh perspective on old southern favorites.

The New South Café is open Tuesday through Saturday, offering lunch from 11 a.m. — 3 p.m. and dinner from 5 p.m. — 9 p.m. They are located at 2601 Skidaway Road in Savannah, GA. Chefs Matt and Scott offer upscale catering services for corporate events, conventions, executive lunches, private parties, weddings, receptions and bar mitzvahs. For more information visit www.thenewsouthcafe.com or call 912-233-7558.

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