(SAVANNAH, GA) Mary Adams is now an LPN at Wound Care Clinic ESU, Inc.

(SAVANNAH, GA)  Mary Adams is now an LPN at Wound Care Clinic  ESU, Inc.

Prior to this job, Adams worked 3 years at the JC Lewis Health Clinic, which is a clinic for the homeless run by the Union Mission.  One of her previous co-workers, Melanie Finocchiarro, left that clinic to work at Wound Care and that’s how Adams heard of the opening for an LPN.  Just like Finocchiarro, Adams loved working at the JC Lewis Health Clinic.  However, both say they couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work at a place of business like Wound Care.

“I applied and got the job and it turned out to be just like I thought.  My co-workers are unbelievable people and so are the patients.  I really enjoy my job and I thank God for it.”

Mary Adams is an Effingham County native and has lived in Savannah for 35 years.  She works at Wound Care 3 days a week.

“This is one of those jobs that, if you could a afford it, you’d get up every day and work for free,” says Adams.

Wound Care Clinic ESU, Inc. is located at 815 East 68th Street, Suite 2 in Savannah.  The purpose of the clinic is to heal chronic and acute non-healing wounds utilizing electrical stimulation, ultrasound and standard therapies.   To learn more, call (912) 691-2614 or log on at www.woundcareclinic.net.

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