Paula Kreissler is like most of us.  She wakes up, has a bite to eat, then heads out the door to work.  But, there is one little difference.  She is the Chair of the Savannah Chapter of the American Diabetes Association.  Plus, she is also the owner and president of Wound Care Clinic – ESU, Inc..  Make that two differences.
Most of the clients at Wound Care  are being treated as a result of diabetes.  Kreissler has surrounded herself with diabetics and \ has made it her personal mission to make their lives better.
"Of course I have certain duties with each job, but the easiest way I can help diabetics is to do everything in my power to not become diabetic," she explains.
"A lot of people ask me why I’m so involved with diabetes if I don’t have it.  Well, it isn’t just because I care about the well-being of others.  It’s also because I care about my own well being.  I don’t want to be diabetic."
Kreissler believes Type II diabetes is a disease that can, for many people, be avoided.  For her, the key to being diabetes free is rooted in our diets.  Americans are known world-wide for high fat, high calorie and high sugar diets.  It’s a combination that can lead to a long list of health problems, so Paula eats to nourish her body and steer clear of any health ailments.     
Plus, it’s in her blood to eat well.  She grew up on a farm, so fresh fruits and veggies were not only plentiful, but also the only option, as there was no extra cash for splurges.  When she left home for college, she packed on 30 pounds, thanks to the standard "student" diet of pizza, sodas and snacks.   She was an athlete who exercised regularly, but with a bad diet, the pounds piled on at a steady pace.  Luckily for her, the bad food wasn’t very fulfilling, so she made changes that would last 25 years and beyond.
Gone were the processed cereals, bagels with cream cheese and buttery biscuits.  Now, Kreissler starts her mornings with a small bowl of cottage cheese with raw honey and cinnamon.
She says, "It’s really antioxidant heavy, with protein and calcium."
Add to it her glass of organic blueberry juice and this breakfast is not only fast, but super healthy.  This, however, is the one time when Kreissler allows her one daily indulgence:  espresso with organic half and half.
"Eating organic is a huge priority for me," she says.
"There are so many pesticides and additives in foods these days, it’s scary.  And I know it costs more in the store to eat organic, but you can either pay for healthy food with money now or pay for eating unhealthy food physically in the long run.  I’ll gladly fork over a few extra bucks now in exchange for health." 
For lunch, she might have a protein shake and maybe a piece of fruit.  The combination of the protein shake and fiber (from the fruit) make for a full stomach and long lasting energy… something Kreissler relies on heavily for those long work days.
When things do finally wrap up, she aims for a dinner of fish or chicken with a salad.  And it’s not dredged in dressing.  Kreissler does a few simple spritzes of olive oil or flax seed oil.
"I absolutely love salads," she says.
"I like them with maybe some cranberries or raisins and some good veggies with a good crunch… I have to have a good crunch!"
As for snacks, those are rare in Kreissler’s diet.  She might grab a handful of nuts, but says it’s never more than that since they tend to carry a lot of calories.  And sweets?  None… except she might, on an extremely off day, cave in for a warm Krispy Kreme donut.
Laughing, she says, "I love those things, but I usually do well when I see them.  I tell myself ‘Paula, just walk away now, just walk away!"
One thing she refuses to walk away from is food labels.  She reads each and every one to make sure she avoids high-fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils.
"Those things just spell out disaster.  I want to live a long healthy life, so I eat well.  Learning to eat better isn’t just about a change for now.  It’s about a change for life… a happy healthy life.  And I plan to live mine for a lot longer…"
Wound Care Clinic – ESU, Inc. is located at 815 East 68th Street, Suite 2 in Savannah. The second location is at 1000 Towne Center Blvd in Pooler.  The purpose of the clinic is to heal chronic and acute non-healing wounds utilizing electrical stimulation, ultrasound and standard therapies.   To learn more, call (912) 691-2614 or 998-0040 or log on at www.woundcareclinic.net

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