Savannah Ocean Exchange heralds Gulfstream as World Wide Sponsor of
the $100,000 Gulfsteam Navigator Award 2011.

(SAVANNAH, GA) Savannah Ocean Exchange proudly announces Gulfstream as
the World Wide Sponsor of the Gulfstream Navigator Award 2011. The
winner of the Gulfstream Navigator Award 2011 will be awarded $100,000
by Gulfstream’s CEO and member of Savannah Ocean Exchange Board
of Governors Joe Lombardo.

The award is given to the top solution submitted as part of an annual Call for Solutions sent out through the Savannah Ocean Exchange Board of Governors. The governors, currently numbered at 27, have selected "Shaping the Future of Our Coasts" as the theme for this year’s submissions, which are due by April 15. An exclusive panel of experts from various disciplines will select the 10 best entries, which will be presented on Sept. 7 and Sept. 8 to the Board of Governors and invited guests in Savannah. That event will culminate with the announcement of the Gulfstream Navigator Award 2011 winner, who will be presented $100,000 on behalf of Gulfstream by Joe Lombardo, the company’s president.

“Our company was named after the Gulf Stream, a driver of
commercial sea traffic for centuries and a critical part of the
Atlantic ecosystem,” notes Gulfstream Aerospace President Joe
Lombardo. “Living and working in a coastal community, we are
sensitive to the importance of sustainable growth and the protection
of environmental assets. We believe the Navigator Award will further
research and actionable projects focused on oceans and coastal areas.
It will also cast a beacon on Savannah, which is a great home for new
high-tech and environmental businesses and an important maritime


Savannah Ocean Exchange brings together thought leaders around the
world from cross disciplines that represent industry, education,
research, technology, government and conservation. While most of the
Governors hail from the USA, other countries represented include
Ireland, Switzerland, Australia, England, Canada and American Samoa.


“We are thrilled Gulfstream is our inaugural World Wide Sponsor
of the Gulfstream Navigator Award 2011,” says Cort Atkinson,
Co-Founder and CEO of the Savannah Ocean Exchange. “Gulfstream
continually identifies and incorporates the best solutions into their
business. Their world wide reputation for excellence has the power to
bring together thought leaders and solution creators from every corner
of our planet who are committed to our world’s ocean.”



Each year Savannah Ocean Exchange Board of Governors currently
numbered at 27 meet in Savannah to select an ocean related theme. This
year’s theme “Shaping the Future of Our Coasts” is sent out as a Call
for Solutions through the governor’s national and international
networks. Creators of solutions that best fit the annual theme submit
their proposals by April 15. An exclusive panel of experts from
various disciplines narrows the field to ten and those top ten
solution creators are brought to Savannah in September to present
their work to the Board of Governors and invited guests. Savannah

Ocean Exchange recognizes and rewards the individual, business or
organization with the best currently operational technology, idea or
solution that improves and prepares the world’s coasts for the


The 2011 Solutions Exchange will take place September 7-8 and will
culminate with the announcement of the winner of the $100,000
Gulfstream Navigator Award 2011.

To learn more about the call for submissions and the review process,
please visit

About Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation
Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary 
General Dynamics (NYSE:GD), designs, develops,
markets, services and supports the world’s most
technologically advanced business-jet aircraft. Gulfstream has
produced more than 1,900 aircraft for customers around the
world since 1958. The company employs more than 9,000 people at seven
major locations.

About the Savannah Ocean Exchange
Founded in 2010, Savannah Ocean Exchange unites international
organizations across multiple disciplines and boundaries to distribute
and adopt solutions that positively impact oceans and ocean life. The
Board of Governors includes 27 thought-leaders from around the world
who represent diverse backgrounds and expertise and share a commitment
to innovation and to the protection of our ocean.

The theme for the 2011 Savannah Ocean Exchange is “Shaping the
Future of Our Coasts.” The event will include the Solutions
Exchange, which will take place September 7-8, along with several
Public Exchanges open to all during the entire month of September. The
Public Exchanges will focus on four areas: Culture & Cuisine, Events &
Excursions, Presentations & Performances, and Vessels & Viewings. For
more information about Savannah Ocean Exchange, the 2011 Solutions
Exchange, Public Exchanges and details about the $100,000 Gulfstream
Navigator Award 2011, please visit

Marjorie Young, President of Carriage Trade Public Relations, Inc.

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