(SAVANNAH, GA) As a college preparatory school, Savannah Country Day takes great pride in the college admissions of each of its graduating classes. As of May 19th, the Class of 2008 will be attending 38 colleges and universities in the United States and one in the United Kingdom.

Of the 38 US schools, 24 are colleges located in the southeast; five in the mid-Atlantic; four in the northeast; two in the mid-west; one in the south west, one on the Pacific Coast, one in the Rocky Mountains.

22 of the 68 students in the SCDS Class of 2008 are attending college as named scholars or in the Honor’s Programs of their respective schools. Attending the Honors College of the University of Georgia are Stephen Amburgey, Elizabeth Whatley, and Carol Williamson. Whatley was also named a Charter Scholar; Amburgey, both a Charter Scholar and a National Merit UGA Scholar. Despite the growing competition for admission to the state’s flagship University, the Savannah Country Day Class of 2008 earned a 78% admit rate to the University of Georgia. The University’s own admit rate is 52%.

Attending the Georgia Institute of Technology as a President’s Scholar/Stamps Scholar is Daniel Gallagher. He is also the recipient of a Gulfstream Scholarship. Joining Gallagher at Georgia Tech is National Merit Scholar/co-STAR student for Chatham County and Region 8 Joey Jilk.

Three Savannah Country Day School seniors made athletic commitments to colleges and universities. Sam Johnson and Craig Novack will both attend Wofford College and play football, while John Moesch will attend Tufts University and play both football and basketball.

Please see the attached document for a full list of the Class of 2008 college and university honors and awards.

Savannah Country Day School is a pre-k through twelve independent school that seeks to prepare students of academic and personal promise to meet with confidence, imagination, and integrity the challenges of college and of life. In partnership with supportive families, we strive to cultivate in each student the desire and the discipline to grow wise, to lead lives of personal honor, to appreciate beauty, to pursue physical well being, and to serve others with a generous and compassionate spirit. For more information about Savannah Country Day School, its mission, and its programs, please log on to www.savcds.org.

Savannah Country Day School Class of 2008 College & University Honors and Awards As of May 19, 2008

University of Georgia – Athens, GA
Stephen Amburgey: Honor’s College, Charter Scholar, National Merit UGA Scholar
Elizabeth Whatley: Honor’s College, Charter Scholar
Carol Williamson: Honor’s College

Georgia Institute of Technology – Atlanta, GA
Daniel Gallagher: President’s Scholar/Stamps Scholar, Gulfstream Scholarship
Joey Jilk: National Merit Scholar/co-STAR Student for Chatham County and co-STAR
student for Region 8

Georgia Southern University – Statesboro, GA
Amy Jones: Honor’s College/Presidential Scholar

University of Alabama – Tuscaloosa, AL
Elise Barton: Alumni Heritage Scholarship/Alumni Scholar

Jacksonville University – Jacksonville, FL
Bradley Jones: Music Scholarship

Southern Methodist University – Dallas, TX
Nathan Daniel: University Scholar/Dedman Scholarship/Engineering Scholarship

University of the South (Sewanee) – Sewanee, TN
Rhett Reeves: Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship

Wofford College – Spartanburg, SC
Hunter Rackett: 1854 Scholar

Mercer University – Macon, GA
Levi Lewis: Adiel Sherwood Scholar

Armstrong Atlantic State University – Savannah, GA
Jessica Garten: Honor’s College

Guilford College – Greensboro, NC
Meredith Brown: Guilford Achievement Award

Tulane University – New Orleans, LA
Amanda Bradley: Presidential Scholarship

United States Military Academy—West Point Appointment
Randy Capocasale

Boston University – Boston, MA
Drew Corse: Honor’s College

Loyola University – New Orleans, LA
Anna Wisenbaker: Vocal Scholarship

Athletic commitments:

Wofford College – Spartanburg, SC
Sam Johnson—Football
Craig Novack—Football

Tufts University – Boston, MA
John Moesch—Football/Basketball

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