Stephen Roberts Announces Opening of Cli-Max Indoor Air
Innovative Company Helps Customers Save Money, Stay Comfortable

(SAVANNAH, GA) Stephen Roberts is pleased to announce the opening of Cli-Max Indoor Air, a total home service that focuses on the quality installation of new units, as well as the maintenance and repair of existing units. Cli-Max Indoor Air focuses on indoor air quality and is dedicated to providing customers with affordable, honest service.

“I started Cli-Max Indoor Air to not only take care of consumers’ equipment needs, but also to ensure the overall building performance and indoor air quality and to reduce energy costs,” said Roberts, who worked in HVAC for eight years at Burroughs Heating and Air before opening Cli-Max Indoor Air.

Roberts, a Savannah native, is a graduate of Savannah Christian Preparatory School and attended Georgia Southern University, where he studied Computer Science. He is a member of Independent We Stand, a movement of independently owned local businesses that advocates buying locally, has a Georgia State Conditioned Air License and is EPA Certified.

Cli-Max Indoor Air installs equipment from the nation’s leading manufacturers. The company works carefully to find custom solutions to meet each customer’s air conditioning needs and strives to find affordable, high-efficiency systems. Cli-Max Indoor Air helps customers locate local and national rebates and tax credits, when available, and offers affordable financing. In addition to offering national brands, the company strongly supports local businesses, providing local products such as American Ion.

Cli-Max Indoor Air also offers affordable maintenance plans on existing units, with twice yearly service for just $139 for the first unit and $84 for each additional unit.

“Your home is your haven. It’s a safe place. They say it’s where your heart is. It’s where your children sleep every night. It’s where dreams are made and lives are lived,” said Roberts, who stresses the importance of regular maintenance to ensure home owners are breathing in the purest air. “We identify ourselves with our homes. I ask you this, has there ever been a place that you’ve wanted to be at more in your life than your home?”

Georgia State Conditioned Air License #CR109969, 2011
ACCA Manual J Certification, 2011
ACCA Manual D Certification, 2011
Georgia Power Duct Design, 2010
Georgia Power Heat Loss & Gain, 2010
Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Advanced Products Division Mr. Slim Field Service Certification, 2007 & 2009
Hughes Certified Technology Update 13 SEER and Above, 2005
The ACT Group TRANE Boot Camp Graduate, 2004

ACCA Air Conditioning Contractors of America, 2011
NAHB Home Builders Association of Greater Savannah, 2006-2010

For more information on Cli-Max Indoor Air, please call 912-373-4680 or visit Cli-Max Indoor Air is also on Facebook at

Stephen Roberts owner of Cli-Max Indoor Air in Savannah, GA

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