(SAVANNAH, GA) Gloria Allen is one of the newest LPN's to join the staff at Wound Care Clinic ESU, Inc.

Allen brings more than 30 years of nursing experience to Wound Care.  She most recently spent 4½ years working for the Chatham Count Health Department where she worked in the triage lab.  She also worked at the Georgia Regional Hospital and a total of 15 years working for Memorial Health. 

When this Savannah native began working at Wound Care, Allen thought she might work one day a week.  Now, just 3 months into the job, she's working 4 days a week.

"I want to be here," she says.

"Every last one of our employees and clients are wonderful.  God has put me in a great place and I'm just thankful to be here."

Wound Care Clinic ESU, Inc. is located at 815 East 68th Street, Suite 2 in Savannah.  The purpose of the clinic is to heal chronic and acute non-healing wounds utilizing electrical stimulation, ultrasound and standard therapies.   To learn more, call (912) 691-2614 or log on at www.woundcareclinic.net.

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