Press Conference

Who: The Executive Team of the Savannah Ocean Exchange

What: Savannah Ocean Exchange Executive team to Announce at press conference:
· Inaugural Board of Governors and
· The Theme for the 2011 Savannah Ocean Exchange Conference.

When: The Media is invited to:
· A Press Conference on Wednesday, September 22, 2010 at 6PM.
· Dinner to meet and talk informally with the Savannah Ocean Exchange Executive Team and Board of Governors, Dinner starts at 6:45 PM.

Where: Savannah International Trade and Convention Center, lower level on the east end. RSVP to Cathy Sakas 912-660-7164

Note: The Savannah Ocean Exchange Board of Governors consists of global thought leaders from diverse discipline to include: Ocean experts, major corporations, representation from major universities and the federal government.

Background: Savannah Ocean Exchange Conference 2011 – September 2011 in Savannah, Georgia

The overarching focus of Savannah Ocean Exchange is Our Ocean – the global system that connects everything: environment, economies and health.

Each year the Board of Governors set the four challenges for the next year’s conference and initiates a search for best-in-class proven solutions to these Ocean-related challenges. At the annual conference the 40 best proven solutions are showcased.

Savannah Ocean Exchange Public Outreach and Education 2011
During the Savannah Ocean Exchange conference the City of Savannah and surrounding coastal communities invite all to celebrate our Ocean through:
· Performances and Presentations
· Culture and Cuisine
· Vessels and Viewings
· Events and Excursions

Contact for more information: Cathy Sakas, Co-Founder and Chair Organizing Committee 912-660-7164.

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