(SAVANNAH/BEAUFORT/BLUFFTON) The second edition of Reddan’s Coastal Eldercare Directory is Available

By October 23, 2007Local NewsWIRE


John Reddan, Chief Executive Officer of Coastal Eldercare Solutions, is pleased to announce the release of Reddan’s Coastal Eldercare Directory.  It is a comprehensive 280-page guide to hundreds of eldercare services and companies in the Coastal Empire.  The book was previously published in 2006 and sold over a thousand copies.  Now, with more than 4,000 copies of the new edition in circulation, Reddan says the latest version is more than he could have ever imagined.
“I really enjoy helping people,” Reddan says.  “And while I know I can’t help everyone with senior care issues, our new book can help anyone with them.”
The guide covers the Savannah, Hilton Head, Bluffton and Beaufort areas.  Just like his first book, it has large print, handy indexes, and color-coding to help move the reader smoothly from page to page.  Reddan’s Coastal Eldercare Directory covers everything from local assisted living communities and senior service organizations to home health providers, medical equipment companies, and hospice providers.  Plus, the new publication covers other specific topics written by area professionals, including advances in senior medicine and the best ways of paying for senior care.
Reddan says, “It has been really exciting to see how the book has grown and evolved.”
The 2007-08 edition of Reddan’s Coastal Eldercare Directory has already been distributed to thousands of professional referral sources in the area, including all area physicians, attorneys, accountants, financial planners, business CEO’s, and clergy.  It was also sent to all area beauty parlors, because as Reddan says, “There is a lot of psychological and family counseling that goes on in those places!”
As for Reddan’s primary business, Coastal Eldercare Solutions is a consulting practice designed to help area businesses restore productivity for their workers who are overwhelmed by the care- giving needs of their parents.
“We are here to help families and local businesses whose employees may be distracted or missing work because they are worried about and or are providing care for family members struggling with senior care issues,” says Reddan.
“You take the average employee who is working full time, raising children, and caring for a parent, that person often becomes emotionally and physically exhausted, and that impacts how well they do their job.”
He adds, “Our planning systems help families gain a feeling of control.  When crises arise, as they always do, we make sure our clients have plans in place,” Reddan says.
To learn more about Coastal Eldercare Solutions, or to order a FREE copy of Reddan’s Coastal Eldercare Directory, call (912) 353-9000 or log on to www.eldercare-savannah.com.

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