(SAVANNAH, GA) American Ion, the Savannah-based company providing a natural, proven method for improving indoor air quality, will hold a ribbon cutting Wednesday, April 14, at 11 a.m. at 108 Shipyard Road.


American Ion’s product, the Ion Generator, provides a natural way to improve indoor air quality for individual homes and businesses. With indoor air pollution as one of the Environmental Protection Agency’s top five environmental health risks the Ion Generator uses a unique air freshening system, a method of proven technology that is for the first time being made more accessible to consumers.

Along with reducing the accumulation of dust significantly American Ion’s President Sherwin Prescott said the Ion Generator would help control the following irritants:
*Pet odors
*Cleaning solution smells, ammonia, chlorine
*Moth ball smells
*Cooking odors
*Musty smells

Using the Ion Generator will significantly reduce pet dander and dust and it kills mold spores, viruses and bacteria, offering some home allergy and pollen relief because what is “not in the air is not going to be in your lungs,” said Prescott.

Prescott and Seckinger formed American Ion in 2009 after both men used the Ion Generator and were impressed by the results. www.breathethebenefits.com


Prior to now, the equipment was so large, maintenance-intensive and expensive that only large central HVAC systems in sports arenas, casinos and other very large buildings could use it.

“We have simply found a way to overcome the size, maintenance and cost issues to where the American Ion Generator will fit in any size central air conditioning system made on the face of this planet at an affordable price and requires no maintenance,” Prescott said.

To learn more about the Ion Generator go to www.breathethebenefits.com or call 912-354-3777.

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