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MISSION: Georgia’s WIN List is a political action committee dedicated to

changing the face of power in Georgia by recruiting, training, supporting, and

electing Democratic women for statewide and legislative office who will be

effective advocates for the issues most important to women and children,

including the preservation of reproductive freedom.

2016 CHALLENGE: To protect the 10 currently serving endorsed women who

face Primary or General Election challenges. To replace the four women who

chose not to seek re-election and to elect new faces for several open seats.

THE RECORD: Georgia’s WIN List has helped elect more than 50 women to the

Georgia General Assembly, 29 of whom still serve — eight in the Senate and 19

in the House. WIN List has a nationally respected reputation for electing new

faces and helping proven progressive incumbents fight off Republican

challenges. During our 15 year history, WIN List has raised more than $1.5

million to help elect women with direct candidate contributions which multiply

when those in our WIN List donor network rely upon our rigorous endorsement

process to write checks of their own. More than 1,000 women have participated

in WIN List training efforts.

TRAINING FUTURE LEADERS: The WIN Leadership Academy, our flagship

program, provides an in-depth year-long training program for a carefully selected

cohort of women who hope to seek office in the future. The 2016 class of 20 is

the largest and most diverse ever! We also conduct regular one-day “boot camp”

style candidate training sessions to expand outreach.

JOIN US: Your CONTRIBUTIONS fund financial and strategic support for

endorsed candidates and training. When you ENCOURAGE women to attend

training or run for office, you become part of our team: Women in Numbers who

elect Women in Numbers!