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June 2007

(SAVANNAH, GA) Dr. Rod Strickland a Speaker in the Renaissance Lecture Series

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(SAVANNAH, GA)  Dr. Rod Strickland, DDS, a partner at the dental office of Dr. Brad Durham, DMD PC, will take part in the Renaissance Lecture Series for Magnolia Manor on the Coast.  The event is slated for July 12, 2007 at 5:30p.m..  Strickland will speak to guests about the latest trends in dentistry.  The lecture is free and open to the public, however an RSVP is required.

Strickland will speak on several issues in the dentistry field, and the senior citizens will also view a segment of the new documentary “Trends in Dentistry.”  The educational and informational piece walks the viewer through two categories:  cosmetics and neuromuscular.  In the cosmetic segment, the viewer learns about the new options in making their mouth “look” better.  In the neuromuscular segment, the viewer is educated on the scientific developments in healing neuromuscular disabilities.

Strickland joined Durham’s dental practice in March.  He made his way back to Savannah in his home state of Georgia from Indiana, after running a very successful dental practice for 12 years.

The dental office of Bradford A Durham, DMD, PC, is located at1317 Abercorn Street in downtown Savannah.  To learn more, log on to  or call 912-234-8282.

Each month, Magnolia Manor on the Coast hosts the Renaissance Lecture Series at their facility in Richmond Hill.  The monthly event begins at 5:30 and after the guest concludes his/her speech, a question and answer session follows.  There is also a free dinner available for those who RSVP.

Magnolia Manor on the Coast, located in Richmond Hill, is a non-profit, active, rental retirement community for seniors age 62 and older.  It offers 120 one and two-bedroom apartment homes with full kitchens and patios.  Located on 40 wooded acres, Magnolia Manor offers stimulating social and cultural activities and has amenities such as a wellness center with indoor exercise pool, barber and beauty salon, library and media center, game and activity rooms, three full-service dining rooms, as well as a formal parlor and chapel.  Secure, safe and maintenance free, Magnolia Manor in Richmond Hill is a wonderful place to be.  Now offering peace of mind with on-site assisted living. For more information or to request a brochure, please call (912) 756-4300

(SAVANNAH, GA) Melaver, Inc. Hires Cedric Sampson as Abercorn Common Building Engineer

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(SAVANNAH) – Cedric Sampson has joined Melaver, Inc. as the building engineer for the Abercorn Common shopping center. He will take care of equipment maintenance and service and will coordinate new services with contractors.

Sampson previously served as the general maintenance technician for the Savannah International Trade & Convention Center, where he did extensive maintenance work and repairs for the heating and air, plumbing and electrical systems. He also worked in apartment complexes and for a local paper mill for 18 years.

Sampson received his Environmental Protection Agency heating and air technician certification from Savannah Technical College.

Melaver, Inc. is a third-generation, family-owned business based in Savannah, Georgia. The company recently received the Business of the Year award from Buy Local of Savannah for its local commitment to environmentally responsible projects. The company developed the first all-retail LEED shopping center in the country, Abercorn Common, including the first LEED McDonald's worldwide.Contact: (912) 236-0781   

Linda Hilts Lamas Elected as Representative to the Southeastern Network of Youth and Family Services

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Linda Hilts Lamas, Executive Director of Park Place Outreach, Inc. (formerly the Savannah Runaway Shelter) has been elected as the Georgia State Representative to the Southeastern Network of Youth and Family Services.

"This is a privilege and an honor," Lamas says.  

"The Southeastern Network is so important when it comes to changing the lives of our youth.  My work is my passion, and being affiliated with this organization makes me love what I do even more."

Lamas will serve a two year term as a Georgia State Representative. 

The Southeastern Network of Youth and Family Services is a network of approximately 80 youth and family services agencies in eight southeastern states (AL, FL, GA, KY, MS, NC, SC, TN).  Since 1977, Southeastern Network has provided training, technical assistance, and advocacy support to the staff, Boards of Directors, volunteers and youth who work diligently to provide services, support and opportunities for youth experiencing at risk situations.  For more information, log onto

Park Place  Outreach provides emergency shelter and street outreach for adolescents ages 11 through 18 and their families. It is the only agency located within Chatham County that serves youth at no charge who are accepted without a referral to receive help.  Park Place Outreach opened in 1984. There are approximately 15-30 youth residents served each month and about 200 each year.  For more information, call (912) 234-4048.

(Savannah, GA) Community Health Mission Awarded Grant from AMA

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[SAVANNAH] — Community Health Mission (formerly known as Community HealthCare Center/Savannah Health Mission) was awarded a grant from the American Medical Association (AMA) Foundation’s Healthy Communities/Healthy America program.  Launched this year, the new program provides grants to outstanding free clinics across the country.
Community Health Mission in Chatham County was one of only ten organizations that received funding in an effort to address the growing problem of the uninsured and to recognize physician and community volunteerism.  The grant was very competitive – about 130 organizations requested it.
“We are pleased to honor Community Health Mission and their dedication to improving the health of those who are most in need,” said AMA Foundation President Peter Carmel, MD.  “The AMA Foundation is committed to recognizing the extraordinary physicians and volunteers who have taken it upon themselves to provide critical health care services.”
 The funds will pay for medical care for 431 patients for a full year, including a full medical exam, wellness programs such as nutrition classes, diagnostic screening tests such as Pap smears and mammograms, and access to medication.
“It is a great honor that we were selected,” said Dr. Miriam Rittmeyer, Executive Director of CHM. “The   AMA is the most prestigious organization in the medical world.” 
Community Health Mission (formerly Community HealthCare Center/Savannah Health Mission) gives medical help to the uninsured. CHM serves a diverse population of patients who are unable to afford health insurance and don't qualify for Medicare or Medicaid. The majority of patients are women working in small businesses or in jobs that don't pay benefits.  It provides nearly 10,000 patient visits annually on a combined basis.
The health care offered by CHM is valuable to the community as well as patients.
“It’s important because you can diagnose at an early stage,” Dr. Rittmeyer said. Early diagnosis means a better chance of success and avoiding emergency room visits. When the community doesn’t invest in primary healthcare and diagnostic tests, it pays in more expensive treatment later. “It’s more costly to the hospital and the patient,” she said.
Community Health Mission (formerly known as Community HealthCare Center/Savannah Health Mission) is a private, non-profit 501(3) tax-exempt organization which is formed from the merger of two organizations, Community HealthCare Center and Savannah Health Mission. Community HealthCare Center was established in February 2000 under the name of Coastal Health Inc. Coastal Health Inc.
incorporated in the State of Georgia on Nov 29, 2000. On July 9th of 2002, Coastal Health Inc. changed its name to the “Community HealthCare Center” to reflect its mission to the community. The Community HealthCare Center was part of the Volunteers in Medicine (VIM) with the model of a free health  clinic/center that utilizes retired health care professionals. All services are provided free of charge to our patients. The Community HealthCare Center is com posed of a Board of Directors, a Medical Advisory Board, an Ethics Committee, a paid staff and volunteers. Run by 12 paid staff and 65 community  volunteers (physicians, nurses, health promoters), Community Healthcare Center provided in 2005 FREE 8,578 patients visits to the uninsured in Savannah and 9,536 free patient visits in 2006. From 2001 to the end of 2006 it reaches the benchmark of 27,926 free patient visits. On May of 2006, CHC took the  operational responsibility of a one-night clinic located at Memorial University Medical Center called Savannah Health Mission. Physicians and community leaders established Savannah Health Mission in 1996. This one-night clinic had similar goals as CHC, to help the uninsured to access the healthcare. On April 2007 it was voted unanimously by the board to merge both organizations and adopted the name of Community Health Mission.

The generous fina ncial contributions together with time contributed by retired and volunteer physicians, other medical and technical professionals and daily volunteer office support make it possible to provide quality medical care, education and lifestyle changes for people in need in Chatham County and nearby
communities. If you would like to receive more information, volunteer your services or make a tax-deductible donation, call: (912) 398-4810, Dr. Miriam Rittmeyer, Executive Director of Community Health Mission, or visit the website at

The New South Cafés 2007 Cooking for Charity Hosts June Fundraiser for Old Savannah City Mission

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(SAVANNAH, GA)  The New South Café's (TNSC) 2007 Cooking for Charity featuring Chef Matt Cohen is hosting a June fundraiser for Old Savannah City Mission (OSCM).  Come learn the secrets of award-winning culinary expert Chef Matt Cohen and enjoy a delicious, gourmet meal while raising money to help feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and restore the ex-offender in Savannah.  The fundraiser will be held at TNSC on Monday, June 25th from 11 AM to 1 PM  Tax-deductible tickets for the event cost $100, with 75% of all proceeds being donated to OSCM, Savannah's Gospel Rescue Mission.  To RSVP for this event, please contact Connell Stiles at 912-232-1979.  For more information on OSCM visit or drop by the rescue center located on 2414 Bull Street.  MEDIA ARE INVITED to be our guest for this event: For VIP Media Passes contact Scott West at 912-443-0977.

Come into the classroom as Chefs Matt Cohen and Scott Gordon share their experience and talent while cooking for a good cause.  Guests at the event for charity will receive private cooking instruction from top ranking Chefs Matt and Scott of The New South Cafe.  A gourmet lunch, including Chef Matt's delicious crab cake entree, seasonal salad and signature dessert will be served.  Unique recipes will be taken straight from the chef's kitchen while proper cooking techniques, how-to's, and cooking basics are taught.  

A fifth generation Savannah native, Chef Matt Cohen, owner of TNSC, is a culinary expert who has worked in big name restaurants throughout New York and Atlanta.  Chef Scott Gordon worked in Florida for the world famous Chef Norman Van Aken, founder of a visionary way of cooking known as "New World Cuisine," for many years.  Both are graduates of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, one of the top rated culinary schools in the world.

Old Savannah City Mission is Savannah's Gospel Rescue Mission.  The Mission provides nourishing meals, emergency shelter, and rehabilitation programs for recovering addicts and ex-offenders.  All services are provided free of charge.  OSCM depends on generous donations from people and businesses within the community who wish to lift the load of the person in need.

TNSC is located at 2601 Skidaway Road in Savannah, just minutes away from downtown. Chefs Matt and Scott offer upscale catering services for corporate events, conventions, executive lunches, private parties, weddings, receptions and bar mitzvahs. For more information visit or call 912-233-7558.

Top 10 Hiring and Firing Tips By The Sullivan Group’s Vice President, Kim Dobson

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(Savannah, GA)  “So many companies, large and small, don’t know the ins and outs of hiring new employees or firing those that are not a good company fit,” says Kim Dobson, Vice President of The Sullivan Group.  “There are a lot of things that can not only help you find the right fit but can help you get out of a non-working relationship safely.”

Ms. Dobson will discuss the Top 10 Hiring and Firing Tips during her lecture to Buy Local Savannah at noon, Thursday, June 28 at The Pirates House.

“Many companies don’t know what they can and can not say during an interview process.  Some don’t even know that there are questions that you can not ask a prospective employee,” explains Ms. Dobson.  “On the other hand, you must also be cautious when letting an employee go.  Companies must make sure to document everything before firing someone.”

The Sullivan Group was founded in 1986.  Through its numerous divisions, the company is able to provide its clients an array of human resource services.

The Sullivan Group offers human resource outsourcing through its Sullivan’s Administrative Managers division.  The company furnishes staffing and recruiting needs under the Sullivan Staffing brand name. serves an internet job posting board, while Glacier Technology and provide specialty job placements with emphasis in computer technology.  The Sullivan Group also provides commercial and personal insurance through the Sapelo Creative Insurance subsidiary.

Buy Local Networking begins at 11:30 a.m.  Lunch is $20 for members and $30 for non-members, including lunch, drink and gratuity.  The event is open to the public.  TO RSVP or for more information please contact Madeleine Warren, President of Buy Local Savannah, at or RSPV online at

The Savannah Area Buy Local group supports the community, as a vibrant and growing networking of more than 150 locally owned and operated businesses.  The organization offers advertising discounts, networking, buying opportunities, local identity support, employee development, community action, enhanced company imaging, group advertising, and educational business seminars.  Part of the Buy Local Mission Statement expresses the association’s goal to enable local businesses to compete with the economies of scale used by franchise companies in the area such as advertising and purchasing.  For more information about Buy Local Sava nnah visit the website,

For more information on The Sullivan Group or the human resource services available to their clients, visit the website at

(SAVANNAH, GA) “Transforming Lives by Feeding the Hungry”

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The New South Cafe  helps The Old Savannah City Mission

Savannah, GA:   "Transforming lives forever through feeding the hungry" is the first line of The Old Savannah City Mission's (OCSM)  statement of purpose.  " Food has the power to literally maintain and transform life" states Rev Jim Lewis the Executive Director of OCSM.   The Old Savannah City Mission  is blessed to announce that The New South Cafe has chosen to recognize the work done by OSCM, by hosting a "Cooking for Charity" event.  "We are honored to  help the Old Savannah City Mission continue its ministry to the homeless, stated Chef Matt Cohen, owner, The New South Cafe.

COOKING LESSON :  Here's how it works:     The restaurant is closed for the day.  Guest arrive for a private behind-the-scenes tour.  Come into the classroom as Chef Matt Cohen and Executive Chef Scott Gordon share their experience and talent while cooking for a good cause.  Guests at the event for charity will receive private cooking instruction and a gourmet lunch including the restaurant's award-winning Crabcakes.  Unique recipes will be taken straight from the chef’s kitchen while proper cooking techniques, how-to’s, and cooking basics are taught.  All participants receive a "Certificate of Expertise" scroll during a graduation ceremony .

DATE: Monday, June 25 
TIME: 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. 
TICKETS: Tax-deductible tickets for the event cost $100,  Tax Deductible
Where: The New South Cafe 2601 Skidaway. 1 Block north of Victory Drive. 
Menu: Award Winning Crabcakes, Seasonal Salad, Sweet Potato Fries, Asiago Cheese dipping sauce & Southern Deep-Fried Cheesecake  
RSVP: Rev Jim Lewis 912) 232-1979

ABOUT The Old Savannah City Mission :  The Old Savannah City Mission (OSCM) is a Gospel Rescue Mission.  It is a local charity funded entirely by donations from the private sector.  OSCM meets the deepest needs of Savannah's most vulnerable populations:  the homeless, the poor and the marginalized.

ABOUT The NEW SOUTH CAFE: A fifth generation Savannah native, Chef Matt Cohen, owner of The New South Café, is a culinary expert who has worked in gourmet restaurants throughout New York and Atlanta.  A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in New York, Chef Matt opened The New South Café in 2006 with friend and fellow CIA graduate, Chef Scott Gordon.  They are committed to giving back to the Savannah community which has blessed their lives.  More info on the restaurant at

MEDIA ARE INVITED to be our guest for this event: For VIP Media Passes, Call Scott West / Marjorie Young, 912-443-0977

(Okatie, SC AND MACON, GA) Joan Childs joins Biopsy Diagnostics as Marketing Associate for Macon

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(Okatie, SC AND MACON, GA) – Joan Childs has joined Biopsy Diagnostics, PC (Bx-Dx) as Marketing Associate for Macon, GA. She is a sales representative for the lab, servicing new and existing accounts. Childs ensures that medical practices throughout Macon and the surrounding areas using Biopsy Diagnostics are completely satisfied with the quality of service they receive.

Childs is extremely impressed with Biopsy Diagnostics and was eager to work for the lab. Her network of professional affiliations in the Macon area and her appreciation for the lab’s patient- first philosophy made her a perfect
candidate for the job.

“I admire Dr. White’s refreshing approach to patients and am pleased to have the opportunity to represent Biopsy Diagnostics throughout the Macon area,” Childs said.

Childs is widely involved within the community and volunteers for several charitable causes. She is married and has five children, ages 17 to 33.

In only four years Bx-Dx has become one of the most reputable anatomic pathology laboratories in the Coastal Empire and southern and central Georgia, providing rapid, reliable and skillful diagnosis of skin, prostate, breast, esophagus, colon, bladder, cervix, and other biopsies in a manner that demonstrates both quality and compassion.

The only derm atopat hologist and fellowship-trained cancer pathologist in the Low Country and Coastal Empire areas, Dr. White, lab founder and medical director, is board certified in anatomic and clinical pathology as well as dermatopathology. He graduated from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and did his residencies at Yale University, completing fellowships in oncologic pathology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and dermatopathology at Duke University. His associate, Dr. Zhu, is the only fellowship-trained gastrointestinal pathologist in the region and is also board-certified in cytopathology.

Biopsy Diagnostics is a local, rapid-turnaround, full-service, state-of-the-art anatomic pathology laboratory with fellowship-trained pathologists and excellent technical and support personnel. They are committed to providing rapid and accurate diagnosis of outpatient biopsies to physicians, with each result customized with a verba l, written, and graphic report. Bx-Dx serves well over 100 doctors in three states, the Coastal Carolina Medical Center in Hardeeville, and the Outpatient Surgery Center of Hilton Head. They are located at 49 Brown's Cove Road, Suite 6, in Okatie, SC, with satellite offices on Hilton Head Island, SC and Springfield, GA. Call them Toll Free at 866-379-2939or visit them on the web at

(SAVANNAH, GA) Closet Specialist is Making Big Strides in the Closet and Storage Industry

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(SAVANNAH, GA)  Closet Specialist is making big strides in the closet and storage industry.   The company has the distinction of being the first in America to try new software called “Solid Manufacturing for Closets.”  The purpose of the software is to increase productivity and profitability based on the specific demands of the growing closet and storage industry.
During the second week of June, Josh Klein, Operations Vice President of Closet Specialist, will host 6 engineers from Planit Solutions, the company behind the creation of the new software program.  They will make their way to the Low Country from both Alabama and Chicago to test and monitor this state-of-the-art technology.
“Being the guinea pig for this program isn’t cheap,” says Klein.
“But every penny of its $25,000 price tag will only help make Closet Specialist even more efficient and successful than it already is. We’re up for any challenge that can help our company serve customers better.”
The program works by using the “screen to machine” concept.  It allows Closet Specialist engineers/CAD designers to create on-screen three-dimensional presentations of the final closets and storage systems for the customer while simultaneously generating the necessary production information for their state-of-the-art cabinet shop. With 3D renderings, material requirements, assembly sheets and cut-lists, Solid Manufacturing for Closets provides users with all the information they need to quickly and accurately estimate every job, keep track of costs and stay ahead of their competition.
Planit is a global supplier of design and manufacturing software for the engineering, woodworking and stone industries.  The company provides its customers with products and services that enable them to improve the productivity of their machine tools, shorten design and manufacturing time, optimize material usage and deliver high quality goods and services to their customers.  Planit’s solutions are best-in-class within their respective markets and are integral to the success of thousands of companies of every size around the globe.  For additional information, visit
Closet Specialist is located at 1204-A Highway 278 in Bluffton.  There is also a Savannah showroom at 7701 Waters Avenue and a Jacksonville store will be opening in the near future.  For more information, call (843) 837-9944.

eWomenNetwork Foundation Announces Candidates for 2007 International Emerging Leader Femtor Award

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(SAVANNAH, GA) The eWomenNetwork Foundation is pleased to announce its finalists for the International Femtor Awards. The finalist for the Savannah, Georgia chapter of eWomenNetwork in the Emerging Leader of the Year category is Lisa Scarbrough, President / Founder of Coastal Pet Rescue, Inc. 

In addition to the Emerging Leader of the Year Award, the annual International Femtor Awards include the Humanitarian of the Year, Businesswoman of the Year, Business Matchmaker of the Year, and The Lifetime Achievement Award.

All award winners will be announced June 7, 2007 on the opening evening of the 2007 eWomenNetwork International Conference and Business Expo, in Dallas, Texas. The Emerging Leader of the Year Award recipient will receive a $15,000 package consisting of cash and prizes from Microsoft and Ameriprise Financial Services, as well as a ten-minute spotlight interview on the eWomenNetwork show on ABC Radio.

eWomenNetwork has connected more than 500,000 women in their network and continues to grow to help women everywhere live up to their potential and get valuable help from others. The eWomenNetwork Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the financial and emotional health of women. By partnering with other non-profit organizations, the Foundation raises funds to provide for their target population as well as provide for education, femtoring and training for future business and community leaders.

For more information about the eWomenNetwork Foundation or the International Femtor Awards or media inquires, please contact Lisa Cree at 912-927-2838 or and visit