20 Questions Reveal Your Competitiveness Online

Carriage Trade Public Relations is Savannah’s premiere reputation management company. The firm helps organizations increase their visibility in the community and globally online through key reputation management strategies.

Answer these 20 questions to reveal how competitive your company is online and in the community:

1) Are you getting more visibility than your competition? 
2) Is your good news showing up when you do a Google search?
3) Does your company have a strategic yearly public relations plan?
4) Are people talking about the new things happening in your business?
5) Do you know what your keywords are and how to use them?
6) Are you submitting at least one press release a month to the local media?
7) Does your company have a crisis public relations plan in place?
8) Are you utilizing Social Media to maximize your message?
9) Are you using the 5 KEY CREDIBILITY MARKERS™ for an integrated marketing plan?
10) When editors need a scoop from your industry, do they call your company?
11) Do you know what types of news the media will accept for their publication?
12) Do you know how to write a press release that will get published by the media?
13) Do you know where to post your good news online?
14) Can you communicate your unique selling points in non-technical language that the public can understand and remember? (AKA a REPEATABLE TAGLINE of 7 words or less)
15) Has your company ever won an award?
16) Do you know the difference between advertising and public relations?
17) Do you know the difference between PUSH and PULL Marketing?
18) Do you have an up-to-date local media list?
19) Have you had media training?
20) Do you have a yearly, signature event for your company?

If you answered “no” to the majority of these questions and you would like better visibility in the community and online, contact us for a complete public relations assessment to create a customized yearly public relations plan fit for your reputation management needs.

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When your potential clients read about your good news, such as new hires, awards received, speeches given, leadership positions and charitable acts, these credibility markers help establish and highlight your reputation. When combined with researched keywords and strategic distribution, your credibility will get a huge visibility boost online and in your community.” – Marjorie Young

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(#WATERCOOLER) Join the conversation LIVE on SAVANNAH COMMUNITY HEADLINES, Monday, Oct 26, 2020 from 9-10am. Learn about a new company that recycles glass, have a virtual tour through the warehouse of America’s Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia , and meet the owner of Dandelion Dock, they create cowork spaces for military spouses to maintain portable careers. ... See MoreSee Less

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(#WATERCOOLER) Are you confused about health insurance? On October 19, 2020, at 9AM, there will be an hour long Q&A, LIVE on Facebook, with your questions. Are there any "real" health insurance plans that do not cover pre-existing conditions? What do people do if they can't afford it? Can any company offer a group health plan? Do you think Pre-existing conditions will no longer be covered? What is a Red-Truck Insurance plans? Join the LIVE conversation with area experts answering your questions.
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Timeline PhotosA big congratulations to the BizPitch Savannah 2020 finalists! On Friday, November 6, these budding entrepreneurs will pitch their ideas to our panel of judges for the chance to win over $10,000 in cash and free professional services to help them launch their new Savannah-based businesses! Learn more about each finalist below.

Malena Gauss of Lammergeier Glass Recycling – Lammergeier Glass Recycling, the first glass recycling company in The Coastal Empire, aims to reduce glass waste by offering commercial and residential curbside glass collection services.

Bonnie Gringer of Sharethelove.ly – Sharethelove.ly is an e-commerce wedding shopping platform that offers fairytale weddings at a fraction of the cost with zero waste. Sharethelove.ly makes dream weddings affordable.

Jamal Lawrence, MD of Harvest Health MD – Harvest Health MD (HHMD) will be Savannah’s first black-owned, membership-based Direct Primary Care (DPC) office, providing full-scope primary care medical services as well as health and wellness services.

Amy and Scott Pierce of My Nurse Now – My Nurse Now is the area’s first and only agency to provide Urgent Care services at home for those who cannot travel. They offer a wide variety of in-person medical, nursing, and therapy services, as well as Telemedicine-based services.

Yolanda Rivera-Caudill, MD of The Tiny Beet – The Tiny Beet is a pediatric medical practice that addresses the widespread problem of childhood obesity by including behavioral, eating, and sleep habits as key elements in the treatment of chronic illness.

Kaylyn Stone of Oshun – Oshun is a high-end e-commerce platform that provides exposure and
new channel opportunities for black-owned, luxury vendors while also providing consumers with a curated assortment of luxury, contemporary, and designer brands.

Erika Tate of Loravore®️ Virtual Learning for Upskilling Professionals [LVL UP] – LVL UP is a digital platform for the K-12 teaching workforce designed to increase the number of teachers who can effectively deliver digital/remote instruction for their students.

Mary Whalen of Canine Lowcountry Club – Canine Lowcountry Club is an upscale dog daycare, boarding, and training facility that offers local residents and visitors a place where their pets will be well cared-for in an environment of luxury and fun.
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Center Parc Credit Union held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on October 13 for the first of its two new Savannah area branches at the Pooler Walmart, 160 Pooler Parkway. (Pictured L-R) Donna Williams, community development liaison, Center Parc Credit Union; Pam Southard, executive director, Pooler Chamber of Commerce; Yalanda Henderson, assistant branch manager Center Parc Credit Union; Pooler Mayor Rebecca Benton; Blake Graham, executive vice president, CPCU; Amy Fuller, Chief Strategy Officer at CPCU; Emily Hopper, branch manager, Center Parc Credit Union Teresa Stonecypher, chief operations officer, CPCU ... See MoreSee Less

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