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July 2010

(SAVANNAH, GA) Trident Sustainability Group announces a new partnership

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(SAVANNAH, Ga.) Trident Sustainability Group announces a new partnership
with One Percent for the Planet. With this partnership, Trident Sustainability Group
commits to donating 1% of revenue to environmental non-profit organizations.

1% for the Planet exists to build and support an alliance of businesses financially
committed to creating a healthy planet. Founded in 2001 by Yvon Chouinard,
founder of Patagonia, and Craig Mathews, owner of Blue Ribbon Flies, 1% for
the Planet has grown to more than 1,200 members in 38 countries with over
$50 million donated.

Trident Sustainability Group is one of only 14 members in Georgia.

"It is important as a triple bottom line business that we demonstrate our philanthropy and
commitment to the environment from the get-go", said Tommy Linstroth, Principal of
Trident Sustainability Group. "Especially in tough economic times, it is critical to support
other organizations dedicated to improving and preserving our natural environment."

Trident Sustainability Group is a full-service sustainability and green building
consulting firm that focuses on providing triple bottom line solutions to a diverse range
of clients both locally and nationwide. Trident provides hands on guidance on green
building design and construction and offers extensive development-based expertise
to help clients achieve LEED certification for their projects. Trident also provides
institutional sustainability services to organizations, from nonprofit and small business
to municipalities and government agencies looking to decrease energy and water
consumption, improve indoor air quality, and reduce their environmental footprint.

Tommy Linstroth


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July 12, 2010
SAVANNAH, Ga. – “Deedah” is an honest, touching and often humorous account of a seven-
year old girl’s relationship with her six-year old brother, who has Down syndrome – or as he
calls it – “Up!” syndrome. The film’s title comes from the nickname the boy gave his sister at a
very early age. The girl believes it was her brother’s first attempt at saying “sister.”

“Deedah” will be shown at the National Down Syndrome Congress Convention this Saturday
and Sunday in Orlando, Florida. The annual convention is the largest gathering of adults
and teens with Down syndrome in the United States. It is also a clearinghouse of the latest
information on all facets of Down syndrome.

The critically acclaimed 26-minute film, shot in documentary news style, follows the siblings
through their daily lives – at home, in school and in the community at large. Deedah tells us
what it was like when her friends first met her brother. She says they were initially somewhat
put off and concerned about his well-being. But now, she says, the children have embraced her
brother as part of their circle of friends.

However, stereotypes abound. The girl bitterly describes her brother’s experiences with bullying
and says people often make inaccurate assumptions about him because of the way he looks
and sounds. She says she hopes this film will open many people’s eyes to the unique talents
and abilities of not only her brother, but to all people with Down (Up!) syndrome.
Deedah describes her brother as smart, brave and funny, with a very bright future ahead of him.
The film is a good introduction to Down syndrome, as well as a reminder that sometimes our
perceptions of people are far from the actual reality.

“Deedah” was produced, directed, shot and written by Brooke May, a former television news
anchor and reporter who is now Vice President of the Lowcountry Down Syndrome Society
and a stay-at-home mom to Deedah and her brother, Jonathan, in Savannah
was co-produced and edited by Joshua Jasso of Savannah’s West
“Deedah” has been shown at film festivals in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Miami, Macon, Georgia
and Amelia Island, Florida. It was also recently given an Award of Excellence by the Indie Fest,
which recognizes outstanding achievement in independent filmmaking.

For more information about “Deedah,” please contact Brooke May at (912) 655-8149 or

To check out our trailer and for other “Deedah” news, log onto our website at And to become a fan, check out the “Deedah” facebook page.