AdMoEr’s App Uses Additional Layers to Prevent Discrimination on Vaccine Status

(SAVANNAH, GA) AdMoEr, an innovative new app that lets people track the safety of their surroundings when it comes to infectious diseases like COVID-19, is the only existing app that avoids discriminating against non-vaccinated individuals while still providing full information on infection risk. That key distinction places the Savannah-based company’s product in a strong position as governments across the globe – including here in the U.S. – grapple with how to develop digital “passports” displaying COVID vaccine status.

“Currently AdMoER, by integrating a layer for the vaccinated individuals but also another one indicating infection risk for non-vaccinated people, is the only existing application avoiding discrimination between vaccinated and not vaccinated individuals, especially with respect to access in crowded venues, such as live concerts and sporting events,” said Company Founder, Dragos Stanescu.

Why does this matter? Inequities in the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines, as well as other factors contributing to lower vaccination rates, mean that a person’s non-vaccinated status could be used against them unfairly. The app — headquartered in Savannah but with development roots in Europe — is being developed for global use and since poorer countries so far have had limited access to vaccine supplies, this non-discriminatory feature is essential.

The AdMoEr mobile app, now in Beta testing, is designed to help protect the most vulnerable among us from contagions like COVID-19 and to get daily life back to pre-pandemic normalcy more quickly — all without compromising personal privacy. The app works by compiling information on the health status of participating individuals and sharing it without identification. Think of it as crowd-sourcing information on the contagious disease status of participants. The app’s map feature will show icons for users identified as healthy (shown by a green icon) through a range of escalating statuses that reaches red for those who have tested positive for an infectious disease.

AdMoEr chose Savannah as a location because of the small but actively growing technology presence represented by the Savannah Logistics Technology Corridor. Company founder Dragos Stanescu developed the app in his native Romania, but chose to locate the company in the U.S., where he has experience in the banking industry.

AdMoEr is a multinational endeavor based in Savannah, Georgia. Funded by European Venture Capitalists and Angels, the project offers alternatives to traditional testing and contract tracing by providing a wearable device for users that maintains their privacy while allowing public health authorities to monitor any potential signs and symptoms of public health issues. The system is designed to encourage best practices for prevention and will facilitate rapid reaction to emergency situations while ensuring 100% privacy for the user. For more information, contact Keith Fletcher at (912) 328-9440.

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