(AUGUSTA, GA) Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS) & Newell Recycling


Newell Recycling, one of the largest recyclers and processors of recycled metals in the Southeast, encourages consumers to take advantage of the recently enacted Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS), which President Obama signed into law recently. CARS is a government program that enables consumers to trade in their less fuel efficient vehicles for new, more efficient vehicles.
"We are very excited about CARS, which is commonly referred to as Cash For Clunkers, and are looking forward to participating in this worthwhile program," says Frank Goulding, Vice President of Marketing at Newell Recycling. "The NHTSA is currently writing implementing regulations for recently enacted legislation. We expect to see these rules in the next 60 to 90 days."
Newell Recycling currently operates two shredder plants in Atlanta and one in Savannah. The 6,000 hp shredder plants are capable of grinding the equivalent of 170 cars per hour into fist-sized pieces. In addition to automobiles, the shredder also processes appliances and demolition scrap. The technology allows Newell Recycling to separate the steel and nonferrous metals into a valuable, furnace-ready raw material for steel mills, foundries and smelters. The metal produced by the shredder can be converted into new metals more easily and cost-effectively than mining the earth, thus saving precious natural resources.
In addition to the three shredder plants, Newell Recycling has recycling facilities throughout the Southeast in locations including Allendale, Augusta, Doraville, East Point, Elberton, Lithia Springs, Macon, Rome, Savannah and Statesboro, Georgia. The facilities all accept vehicles for recycling.
Founded in San Antonio, Texas in 1935 by Mr. Alton Scott Newell, a pioneer in the scrap metal industry who also invented the Automobile Shredder, Newell Recycling is recognized as a worldwide leader in ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling, research and technology. For more information on the company, its locations and hours of operation, and more, please visit Newell Recycling. For more information on CARS and participation requirements, please visit CARS.

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