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Amigos En Salud; Financial guru Barbara Treadwell gives advice on the velocity of money. ; Open for Business; business; educational; financial; money; Savannah’s Only Business education channel

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Public Relations (PR) Savannah Georgia – PR Agency – Online PR

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Marjorie Young founded the Savannah PR Firm, Carriage Trade Public Relations, Inc. in 1995.

Businesses use her firm for reputation management. She positions her clients as the authority in their field and increases their visibility in the community and online with strategic PR web strategies.

She is the current president of the Savannah SCORE Chapter. She is also past president of the Small Business Council and the Small Business Chamber. She currently sits on the Leadership Savannah Board and is a member of the Savannah Rotary. She was named Savannah’s Community Star last year by the Savannah Morning News. In 2006 she won Entrepreneur of the Year from the Chamber of Commerce. Marjorie graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Journalism. She has a 24 year old daughter working on her Ph.D. in Robotics at Georgia Tech.


Savannah Public Relations (PR) Services Include:

Online PR Optimization

PR Web Strategies 

Media Training 

PR Consulting 


Content Creation for pushing Traffic to your Website