One of Sardinia’s Best Kept Secret’s Revealed as Acqua Smeraldina Natural Artesian Water Expands to Worldwide Markets

When Tony Priolo, executive chef and co-owner of Chicago’s Piccolo Sogno restaurant, opened his upscale Italian restaurant in 2008 with business partner Ciro Longobardo, he knew from day one that he was going to offer his patrons Acqua Smeraldina natural artesian water.

"It’s fresh and clean. You don’t want something to overpower your food," says Priolo, who has been drinking the Sardinian bottled water for years.

For Priolo’s and Longobardo’s patrons, Acqua Smeraldina may be a new experience. But for thousands of Sardinians, the pure water has been a staple in their diets for more than 20 years.

A Little Emerald In the Mediterranean Sea Acqua Smeraldina comes from Sardinia, Italy, a remote island in the Mediterranean Sea known for its jagged coastline and granite mountain highlands. Home to unspoiled beaches and emerald waters, Sardinia has a sparse population and no intensive agriculture. As a result, the island-the second largest in the Mediterranean Sea-is considered one of the most environmentally clean in all of Europe.

Sardinia has also been designated a "Blue Zone" because of the number of residents who live active lives past the age of 100.

Smeraldina, which means "little emerald" in Italian, is named after Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda ("Emerald Coast"), a world famous tourist destination known for its glamorous hotels, villas and marinas. Just 30 miles from Costa Smeralda in the Gallura region of the island is Mount Limbara, a large granite rock formation that is the source of Smeraldina water.

From the Mountain of God to Dining Room Tables Acqua Smeraldina comes from an underground aquifer 1,000 feet under Mount Limbara’s Monte di Deu ("Mountain of God"). For hundreds of years the region has been known for the freshness and purity of its waters.

It takes hundreds of years for rain water to slowly descend through Monte di Deu’s natural granite filtration system. This natural process clears the water of its impurities without any sediment being released. The final product is a unique, clean and light mineral water celebrated for its harmony, balance, and authentic and unmistakable taste.

Good to Drink, Good For Your Body
Most consumers pick a bottled water based on its taste. But drinkers of Acqua Smeraldina get an added health benefit: the artesian water’s mineral composition qualifies it as a chloride-rich alkaline water. As a result, the chlorides prevail over the bicarbonates and sulphates, creating a perfect balance of sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Numerous doctors and experts recommend Acqua Smeraldina for its ideal balance of minerals, which help to correctly maintain arterial blood pressure. The high percentage of potassium helps to reinforce muscle tone, while the calcium and magnesium levels give Acqua Smeraldina diuretic properties.

A Legacy Built on Top-Notch Quality
Acqua Smeraldina was founded by Giovanni Maria Solinas, who discovered the emerald water of Monte di Deu in 1985. Today his five sons manage the privately owned company, which has expanded into world markets throughout Europe, the United States of America and China.

In its nearly 25 years of operation, Acqua Smeraldina has always maintained the highest standards of production. The water is extracted cold (15° C/59° F) and is bottled directly as it comes from the underground aquifer. To help maintain the absolute purity of the water, every piece of equipment used to manufacture Acqua Smeraldina is brand new and state of the art.

Since 2004, the pure artesian water has been certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The Acqua Smeraldina research lab performs more than 100 daily tests to ensure that the water and the materials used continue to conform to the highest possible standards.

Discerning Consumers, Distinctive Design
While many loyal Smeraldina drinkers may not know the science and history behind the water, they do recognize the unique and well-crafted bottles that are a hallmark of the company. Acqua Smeraldina’s still and sparkling waters are produced in both glass and plastic bottles that have been carefully crafted to merge modern technology with traditions of the past. The clear glass bottles come in four different sizes and are known for their sophisticated design. The plastic bottles take their inspiration from Acqua Smeraldina’s name and are emerald green with intricate and unique details.

In addition to its regular bottles, Acqua Smeraldina produces an annual collector’s edition Christmas bottle. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each bottle goes to a designated charity.

Coming to a Market Near You
Patrons of Piccolo Sogno aren’t the only Chicagoans who have been enjoying Acqua Smeraldina. Among these, Caffe RōM, an Italian coffee bar with three locations throughout Chicago, also offers the pure bottled water on its menu.
And soon, more Americans will have an opportunity to enjoy Acqua Smeraldina. The company is expanding its presence in the U.S. market-which currently operates warehouses in Chicago and Fairfield, New Jersey-to include new facilities in Miami and Los Angeles.

"It is a great pleasure to bring this product to American consumers," says Giuseppe Pinna, vice president of the Smeraldina Corporation. "The water is extremely pure, and I know the American audience will appreciate the many added health benefits."

Learn More
To learn more about Acqua Smeraldina, please visit www.smeraldina.us or contact Giuseppe Pinna, vice president of the Smeraldina Corporation, at 414-732-6501.

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