(GEORGIA) www.solarcitiesusa.com urges solar activists to turn their city into Solar City

(GEORGIA) A new website, www.solarcitiesusa.com, urges solar activists to turn their
city into a Solar City, and provides a document template of an action plan
to help them achieve this goal. “The mayors of 500 cities have already
signed the U.S. Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement. Wouldn’t it be
fabulous if these cities took the next step and became Solar Cities,” asks
Jack Star, the Savannah-based developer of the website.

The document identifies 20 local stakeholders and demonstrates how they
can become involved in developing solar energy in their communities. By
incorporating local conditions, a 12-14 page document can be produced
within a couple of hours to help stimulate local action.

Solar Cities reap the benefits of creating clean, sustainable energy, and
building new businesses with jobs that can’t be outsourced overseas.

A Solar City is a municipality that embraces the concept that a
significant portion of electrical energy demand will be generated locally
by capturing the free energy of the sun over the next 20 years.

This "embrace" has to be more than just an occasional hug, says Star.
Several of the key players must be: willing to act proactively; the
community needs to eventually support it, and a strong
grassroots presence will be required to keep momentum from flagging.

While it is challenging to reach this goal, it can be achieved by
incorporating the next generation of solar technology that has moved from
the "proof of concept" pilot plant stage to sustainable, affordable,
commercial development.

Solar energy is more than just technology. It is a mindset. It encompasses
energy conservation as well as the development of other regional renewable
energy sources working in concert.

But a solar mindset requires building the necessary infrastructure.
·  To provide financial support from both private and government sources;
·  To develop specialists in related government and corporate departments;
·  To provide training for systems design and professional installation
and maintenance;
·  To modify building and zoning codes;
·  To educate the general public and incorporate solar/renewable energy
instruction in the schools;
·  To attract solar and renewable energy professionals, businesses and

The action plan provided at www.solarcitiesusa.com can be used to build
that infrastructure.

500 Kentucky Avenue  Savannah GA 31404
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Contact: Jack Star 912-233-4288 jack@solarcitiesusa.com

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