“Inspire Your Community” Podcast Donates $1000 to Two Local Organizations In Support of Police Sgt. Ansari’s Family

“Inspire Your Community” Podcast Donates $1000 to Two Local Organizations In Support of Police Sgt. Ansari’s Family

(SAVANNAH, GA) Representatives of Pooler Elementary School and the 200 Club were each presented a check for $500 from the founder of the “Inspire Your Community” podcast, in recognition of the support these organizations provided to the families of the late Savannah Police Sgt. Kelvin Ansari, who died after being shot while investigating an armed robbery the Saturday before Mother’s Day.

Chris Tilton with staff and students from Pooler Elementary School.
(Left to right): Chris Tilton, co-principal of Dewitt Tilton Group; Robbie Johnson, student at Pooler Elementary School; Colvin Proto, student at Pooler Elementary School; Carson Abraham, student at Pooler Elementary School; Stacey McPipkin, Principal at Pooler Elementary School; Riley Pack, student at Pooler Elementary School; Liam Clark, student at Pooler Elementary School; Elizabeth Harper, Art Teacher at Pooler Elementary School.

Chris Tilton, one of two principals at the Dewitt Tilton Group construction firm, founded the “Inspire Your Community” podcast and said that the nominations for both organizations aligned perfectly with the mission of the podcast and supports its motto: “Do Good, See Good, Inspire Others.”

Pooler Elementary School art students worked on a painting that was presented to Sgt. Ansari’s precinct in the Savannah Police Department in memory and honor of him.

Several Pooler Elementary students and faculty members had a personal connection to the slain officer. One teacher is a neighbor of the Ansari family, the art teacher previously taught his children at Groves High School and one student’s father worked with him and was the first officer on the scene.

After hearing the story of the art project, Tilton decided to make Pooler Elementary’s art program the first recipient of the $500 donation he is offering to those whose stories are chosen for the podcast.

“This actually doubles our art budget for the year,” said Art Teacher, Elizabeth Harper. “We honestly didn’t expect to get any recognition for this project. We just wanted to do something for the family.”

In addition to presenting a donation to the Pooler Elementary School art class, Tilton presented a second $500 check to Mark Dana of the 200 Club, which provided immediate financial assistance and support to the family of Sgt. Kelvin Ansari. The 200 Club has also pledged to provide fully paid college and all related expenses to each of Sgt. Ansari’s dependents, including his wife if she decides to pursue a degree, and will help out during holidays, such as sending Mrs. Ansari flowers on Mother’s Day every year.

Chris Tilton and Mark Dana
Chris Tilton (right), co-principal of Dewitt Tilton Group, presents $500 to Mark Dana (left), President of the 200 Club of the Coastal Empire, as part of the Inspire Your Community podcast.

The original intention was to limit the donation to one charity or nonprofit organization per story, but Tilton said this story transcended that guideline.

“We heard about the amazing support the 200 Club committed to providing the Ansari family and felt it was our honor to present them with a second check,” said Tilton. “We hope our gesture will inspire others to donate to these programs as well.”

Meanwhile, the “Inspire Your Community” podcast continues to look for uplifting and inspiring stories from our local community. The Dewitt Tilton Group will donate $300 to a cause of the nominator’s choice for each story chosen for the monthly podcast. To submit story ideas, email DTG.inspire@gmail.com.

The podcast can be accessed at YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, and everywhere else podcasts can be found. For further information, contact the Dewitt Tilton Group team at DTG.inspire@gmail.com.

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