(SAVANNAH, GA) John Thomas, the senior associate with Edward Pinckney/Associates, will discuss Intelligent Design for Sustainable Living with the Savannah chapter of the U. S. Green Building Council Tuesday, June 26. The meeting is free and open to the public.

RSVP to Tommy Linstroth at: tlinstroth@melaver.com by June 22. The meeting will be held from 5:45-7 p.m. on the second floor of Wild Wing Cafe in City Market.

Mr. Thomas will talk about storm water quality practices, Low Impact Development techniques and several projects Edward Pinckney Associates  has designed that illustrate the need to properly evaluate your site and plan "Intelligently" from the beginning to preserve the natural characteristics of the site and meet the owner's program requirements.

"We understand that man can and must develop better communities that respect the natural environment and the history of the region," Mr. Thomas said. "It takes a little more work, but the benefits both financially and aesthetically make it a 'no brainer' for any thinking person."

"We in the design community need a fundamental shift in our thinking on project design, particularly the civil engineering community and the planning community," Mr. Thomas said.

"Low Impact Development and good bio remediation practices to protect water quality must be planned from the beginning," Mr. Thomas said. "It is not something you add like frosting on a cake. It all starts with an intelligently designed plan."

Edward Pinckney/Associates has been practicing environmentally sound planning for over 44 years beginning with Sea Pines Plantation and Charles Fraser, and the firm has continued providing comprehensive planning and design services for world class projects ever since. Edward Pinckney/Associates has been doing Low Impact Development and Natural Storm Drainage for over four decades.

The Savannah Chapter of the United States Green Building Council is dedicated to promoting sustainable design and green building throughout the Creative Coast. The group meets monthly on the fourth Tuesday of the month. The meetings are open to the public, and everyone is encouraged to attend. The USGBC-Savannah Chapter seeks to educate the public on the long-term benefits of green building and how sustainable design can be integrated or implemented into one's life.

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