What: A live reading of the book The Stupidest Angel, a Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror by Christopher Moore. This is a fundraiser for Shoestring Theater’s 2016 season.

When: December 11, 12 at 7:00pm; December 13 at 3:00pm

Price: $15/adult; *show not recommended for children due to adult language and situations

Where: 611 W. Jones St., Savannah, GA 31401.
*The venue is not wheelchair accessible.

Summary: What happens when the dumbest angel in heaven is tasked with granting a Christmas miracle to one special child? What if that child thinks he just saw Santa Claus get killed with a shovel and begs the angel to bring Santa back to life, and the angel accidentally raises all of the dead in the graveyard? Suddenly, the residents of Pine Cove, California find themselves trapped inside the Santa Rosa Chapel with an El-Nino fueled storm cutting off all communication and a horde of brain-hungry zombies (led by an angry dead man in a Santa suit) pounding on the doors. No one can save them except the town’s resident crazy lady and a fruit bat named Roberto. Come support the Shoestring Theatre Co. and enjoy this hilarious, inappropriate, and not-at-all-Charles-Dickens modern Christmas classic.

The Experience: This is a staged reading, meaning there is minimal blocking, no set, and the actors have the scripts with them. It’s a bit like listening to a radio show. Many folks who came out last year very much enjoyed the minimalist setup which allowed space for their own imaginations to color everything in. Just imagine you’re a kid again and mom and dad are reading you a story. A funny, vulgar story with zombies and pot-smoking and lots of swear words. Several of the cast from last year return for this year’s production, but there will also be plenty of new faces.

Website: www.shoestringcompany.com

Bonnie Terrell
Shoestring Theater Company

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