According to the Association for Psychological Science (APS), a series of studies by Princeton psychologists found that people form first impressions in just a tenth of a second. The speed with which we draw conclusions means that our appearance is a big part of how those around us perceive us as individuals. The studies also note that first impressions can be extremely difficult to overcome

“More than half of a first impression is affected by appearance – clothes, make-up, body language, gestures and facial expressions,” said Mahena Stief, a business psychologist and interview coach. A well-pressed and polished look can go a long way when interacting with business colleagues, friends, or a potential date.

Hanger Glove, a new product on the market, can help accentuate clothing to help make any first impression a positive one. Andrea Howard, the creator, took painstaking effort to ensure that her product would prevent clothing from slipping and crumpling on the floor. This elegant hanger cover, created out of a special material and neoprene, also eliminates shoulder marks and helps clothing keep its form. Howard recently received a patent for her original invention, which tackles some of the biggest issues women have with their closet space.

“All I wanted was something that would keep my clothes on the hangers, off my closet floor, not leave shoulder bumps and sag marks, and allow me to recycle my existing hangers. How hard could it be?” Howard said.

After searching for solutions and finding none, Howard took matters into her own hands. She created various prototypes of the Hanger Glove, in different colors and shapes, testing them with her friends and family. Just as she had hoped, the Hanger Glove became the perfect solution, by turning the impractical hangers she already owned into valuable hangers she could actually use.

Natali Johnson of Atlanta, Georgia works for Turner Broadcasting Systems, and always has to look her best for the job. Hanger Glove has helped her clothing stay pristine and allowed her to focus instead on her career. “I have used the Hanger Glove with some of my worst culprits: strappy tanktops, v-neck blouses, and heavy sweaters. It has been a huge help,” Johnson said.

Hanger Glove is also both environmentally and financially friendly. At less than five dollars each, Hanger Glove can stretch to fit over any ordinary clothes hangers to recycle them into the perfect closet accessory for anyone seeking a well-organized closet and a tidy appearance.

“I never felt like I was asking too much to be able to purchase a product like the Hanger Glove,” Howard said. “Now every time I flip through my closet deciding what to wear, nothing slips off the hanger and onto the floor. The Hanger Glove was my investment in the care of my family’s clothes.”

About Hanger Glove
Hanger Glove was born out of a woman’s frustration while trying to clean her closet. Andrea Howard, a Savannah local for more than forty years, came to the conclusion that no hanger on the market could prevent clothing from slipping while eliminating shoulder marks. She used her creativity and previous experience from the advertising industry to create a product that could meet those needs, while allowing women to recycle their current clothes hangers. Hanger Glove’s goal is to provide a simple, yet practical solution to problems associated with ordinary clothes hangers. For additional details about Hanger Glove, please visit Andrea Howard’s website,

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