(NEWCOMB, MD) Book Two just released, “To Touch the Wind … Potomac River Fever” by Pete Imirie

Book Two just released, "To Touch the Wind … Potomac River Fever" by Pete Imirie, a nautical reference of the boating world as seen through the imagination of children

(NEWCOMB, MD) Book Two of the To Touch the Wind series continues the Downey Family chronicles.  A host of loveable characters cross paths searching for the lost treasure of Captain Jack Clayton on St. Clements Island.  Pirates, ghosts, an abandoned lighthouse are all within reach of the children’s hand made boats.

The To Touch the Wind series is both a fictional and non-fiction nautical reference offering a peek at the boating world as seen through the eyes and imagination of children.  There are characters children will never forget, parents can blame, and grandparents remember.  Each volume is jam-packed with delightful stories, maritime traditions and classic recipes that have graced the tables of the Maryland tidewater for centuries.

Book two, Potomac River Fever, has a special feature included. “Chessie and Me” offers detailed plans and step-by-step instructions on how to build a boat for children, wee pirates and other such rascals.

About the Author
Capt. Pete Imirie is a retired commercial boat skipper, coach Boatwright and child of Maryland’s tidewater.  He is best known the thousands of youngsters who built their own Chessie boats.  The recipient of many awards including the MNRP boater safety instructors Hall of Fame, he continues to speak, write and teach family boater safety at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum.

About the Artist
Carol Stuart Watson showed her interest in art as a young child.  A Maryland native, she became noteworthy as both as an historical artist and illustrator to the pages of well known works.  Taken from us in the prime of her professional life, Carol’s early works are showcased on the covers of the To Touch the Wind series.  They are magnificent pieces of Maryland history and an ever-lasting memory of Carol’s passion.



Peter R. Imirie
P.O. Box 53
Newcomb, MD  21653
To Touch the Wind … Potomac River Fever
By Pete Imirie
Published by Infinity Publishing
Front Cover –  Watercolor by artist Carol Stuart Watson
Soft Cover 5.5 x 8.5, 285 pages
 Signed copies available in book stores, or by ordering at PRImirie@aol.com
 Retail/Wholesale info @ www.bbotw.com



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