Outstanding High School Students from Savannah Schools Honored at Savannah Country Day School


(SAVANNAH, GA) Each year the Savannah Country Day School Board of Directors and Faculty honor outstanding area high school students with a banquet given on its campus. This year’s banquet was held on Thursday, February 21st at 6:30 p.m. To honor these exceptional students from the Savannah community, all four-year high schools in Savannah were invited to select two seniors to represent their school at this event. These students joined the Country Day senior members of the National Honor Society for recognition of their accomplishments. These students were selected based on their outstanding scholastic achievements as well as their leadership. Each student in attendance received an award certificate for their outstanding accomplishments. Of the students, Savannah Country Day School Board Chairman, Dr. Blake Long shared—“The many accomplishments of the students were impressive, illustrating their scholarship, service and leadership”

The guest speaker for the event was Dr. Ja A. Jahannes. Dr. Jahannes is a well known educator, psychologist, minister, artist, writer and composer. He has lectured in Africa, Asia, South America and the Middle East. His many honors include the Langston Hughes Award and the Danny Glover Award. He is also the proud father of two Savannah Country Day School graduates. The title of his speech to the students was “Making Wise Choices.” One of the quotes from his message to the students was—
“Life is always changing (for those who will change) and expanding for those who are truly alive”.


Elizabeth Gehle Austin, David Joseph Jilk III, Elise Flowers Barton, Amy Sullivan Jones, Patrick Simon Blackburne, Elizabeth Monroe King, Amanda Sarah Bradley, Alli L. Klugman,
Evan Benjamin Brower, Caroline Michaux Lewis, Ian Alexander Burnette, Caroline Elizabeth Long, Randolph Martin Capocasale, John Richard Moesch, William Travis Carter, Isabella Rhett Reeves, Stephanie Melinda Chu, James Paul Rody, Michael Quinton Clemm, Zachary Thomas Samuels, Taylor Cavanaugh Critz, Stephanie Lynn Saxton, Andrew Joseph Edwards IV, Ashley Joy Schlafstein, James Daniel Gallagher, Lindsey Michelle Smith, Jessica Anne Garten, Margot Christine Thayer, Fay Sheffield Gibson, Elizabeth Maliece Whatley.


Preanna S. Boles – Alfred E. Beach High School
Karlecia S. Jackson – Alfred E. Beach High School
Charles Henry Moore III – Benedictine Military School
Ryan Ricks – Benedictine Military School
Andrew Justin Edwards – Calvary Day School
Helen Elizabeth Farmakis – Calvary Day School
Alice Dell Brower – Robert W. Groves High School
Crystal Reneé Seabrooks – Robert W. Groves High School
Elise Alexander – H.V. Jenkins High School
Morgan Gusby – H.V. Jenkins High School
Alexis Millot Flournoy – Sol C. Johnson High School
Martin Johann Enslin Joubert – Sol C. Johnson High School
Emma C. Murray – Memorial Day School
Richard Trusis – Memorial Day School
Huy Phan – Richmond Hill High School
Emily Diana Stephens – Richmond Hill High School
Jeanne Delgado – Savannah Arts Academy
Charles Hodge – Savannah Arts Academy
Allyson Lynes Faircloth – Savannah Christian Preparatory School
Mark Hardin Stevenson – Savannah Christian Preparatory School
Jasmine Nicole Kirkland – Savannah High School
Marquis Tonell Morgan – Savannah High School
Erin Kathleen Douglas – St. Vincent’s Academy
Courtney Lake Peterson – St. Vincent’s Academy
Ivory Monét Harding – Windsor Forest High School
Eleora M. Marcel – Windsor Forest High School

Savannah Country Day School is a pre-k through twelve independent school that seeks to prepare students of academic and personal promise to meet with confidence, imagination, and integrity the challenges of college and of life. In partnership with supportive families, we strive to cultivate in each student the desire and the discipline to grow wise, to lead lives of personal honor, to appreciate beauty, to pursue physical well being, and to serve others with a generous and compassionate spirit. For more information about Savannah Country Day School, its mission, and its programs, please visit www.savcds.org.

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