(Savannah) Beth Ann Jackson Joins Sugar Magnolia Homes as Buyer’s Agent

(RICHMOND HILL, GA) – Beth Ann Jackson joined Sugar Magnolia Homes of Richmond Hill in October as a Buyer’s Agent for The Low Country Group. The Low Country Group is a realty team associated with Sugar Magnolia Homes. Jackson and Marla Busbee are on-site representatives for the company at the Midtown at White Oak Village development off Hwy. 17 south.

"We work with buyers and another member of the team works with sellers," Jackson explained. "We’re doing site sale and resale work."

Jackson, who has a background in real estate, relocated to Savannah from Seattle in February.

"I came to Sugar Magnolia to be part of the Low Country Group because I’m interested in sustainable housing," Jackson said. "They are a leader in the green building business, a passion of mine, so it was a perfect match."

Jackson became interested in sustainable building practices while living in Washington state. She grew up in Plano, TX, and studied anthropology at the University of Texas in Austin. While studying in Costa Rica, she met a couple from Seattle who encouraged her move there.

Prior to working as an agent with Caldwell Banker in Seattle, Jackson was the general manager for a restaurant as well as a company that owned three yoga studios.

Jackson is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council.

Sugar Magnolia Homes, which employs approximately 9 people in Richmond Hill, is an innovator in construction practices that drastically reduce waste, emphasize recycling and reuse and employ the use of energy-efficient features to make homes more cost-effective for owners.

For more information about Sugar Magnolia Homes, visit www.sugarmagnoliahomes.com , or call (912) 756-4014.

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