(Savannah) Community-based MinuteFix Offers Consumers a New Choice for Getting Computer Help



San Jose, California, February 20, 2008 – Tech support is now backed by the power of the community with the launch of MinuteFix, a community-based tech support service. Consumers can now get live support for any computer-related question or problem on a flexible, per-minute rate of $0.99 per minute. As a guarantee for the quality of the service, if the question or problem is not resolved, the session is free. Powered by a fast-growing global community of certified computer experts, the service is based on a model similar to other successful community services such as Wikipedia and eBay.

"Now anyone can get instant help for any technology problem" says CEO and Founder Diego Orjuela. "No matter what the question or problem might be we have experts available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ready to help." Consumers can quickly and easily reach a live technician over the Internet and even receive remote support if necessary. The first version of the service provides instant chat support, around the clock. The service offers customers support for all versions of Windows including Vista. Antivirus and security support are also popular among consumers.

Eric Pine, an early user from Seattle, Washington finds getting quick access to computer support, an easy way to alleviate computer-induced headaches. "In a minute or two, I can get any computer problem solved, and my computer headaches go away. And," he says, "for $0.99 per minute, it seems completely worth it to me."

The service is powered by a community of certified technicians who are screened and tested after registering with the service. Many are certified by Microsoft and the Help Desk Institute. Working from home, and based around the world, technicians can log on and help users with their problems earning a share of the $0.99, on a scale, based on customers’ feedback.

Many of the MinuteFix Certified Technicians have previously worked at support centers for companies like Dell, Microsoft and GeekSquad. "The fact that the technicians belong to a community of like-minded professionals and can grow to their own potential while being able to work from home makes it very compelling." says Drew Odom, Community Manager for MinuteFix. Hundreds have already registered for the service.

The company, based in San Jose, California, is offering a free tech support during its beta period to consumers who would like to try out the service. The company was launched in February of 2008.

About MinuteFix
MinuteFix is a service that provides fast, instant tech help, over the Internet, for $0.99 per minute. Customers can get help for any computer problem or question 24 hours a day. Powered by a global community of experts, MinuteFix offers support for Windows computers, with a guarantee that the question or problem is solved, or the session is free. The service can be found at www.minutefix.com.

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