Barbara Treadwell, of Treadwell and Associates, LLC will be on January 10th, 2008 from 5:30-7:00.  The title of her speech is “How to Unlock Your Financial Potential.”
According to Treadwell, most people are losing more money than they are saving, no matter what their income.  In the upcoming seminar, she plans to educate the audience on how to have more money, pay less in taxes and have better financial protection with less risk.
If anyone, Treadwell is the one who knows about money.  She has 20 years under her belt in the financial services industry.  Treadwell began her career in finance by first opening an office in New York and later, one in Savannah.  Both offices are nothing short of booming and Treadwell has pioneered her way to the top of the financial services industry.
Treadwell is also featured in the recently published book Magnificent Masters in Financial Services.   To learn more about Treadwell & Associates, LLC you can log on at www.treadwellassociates.com or you can call the Savannah office at (912) 236-1704.
The Jepson Center is located at 207 W York St in Savannah.  The cost to attend the lecture is $40.  For more information, call (912) 790-8800 or log on to www.telfair.org .

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