(SAVANNAH, GA) Betsy Taylor New Board Member Park Place Outreach, Inc., Youth Emergency Shelter


Park Place Outreach, Inc., Youth Emergency Shelter is proud to announce it has added another new board member.  Betsy Taylor is a retired special education teacher and real estate professional in Savannah.

Taylor has lived in Savannah for 9 years.  Prior to that, she taught at the Frasier Montessori School in Minneapolis, Indiana.  It was there, she says, that her love for children flourished over the years.  That, plus her experience with 4 now-grown children and 10 great grandchildren has conditioned her to want the best for all children, no matter who they are. 
"The kids at Park Place are so delightful.  They are well behaved and intelligent.  And to think that many of them don’t have place to call home is just heartbreaking," Taylor explains.

"Park Place really gives them a leg up, and I’m honored to be able to help in any way I can."
Before being elected as a board member, Taylor volunteered for Park Place.  Now, in addition to her board member duties, she also serves on the board’s social, development and fundraising committees. 

The board members each play a key role in making decisions for Park Place.  Its most recent accomplishment is the completion of the new Park Place home, which is valued at more than $1.6 million.  Thanks to the hard work of the board members and donations of goods and services from the community, there is no mortgage on the new home. 

Park Place Outreach provides emergency shelter and street outreach for adolescents ages 11 through 17 and their families. It is the only agency located within Chatham County that serves youth at no charge who are accepted without a referral to receive help.  Park Place Outreach opened in 1984. There are approximately 15-30 youth  served each month and about 200 each year.  For more information on Park Place, log on to the soon-to-be launched website at www.parkplaceeyes.org (912) 234-4048.

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