Case Veterinary Hospital, who is preparing to kick off its countdown to 100 years in service, is honoring Veterinary Technician, Kenny Weaver, as he celebrates his 30th anniversary with the hospital.

Weaver was in his senior year at Calvary Baptist Day school when the opportunity presented to work for Case Veterinary Hospital. Weaver worked for two weeks as part of a program designed to give students a look into the work force outside of a classroom. He spent those weeks cleaning kennels, holding dogs and other supportive tasks. The Monday following his graduation, Weaver became the second paid employee that was not a member of the Case family.

Weaver did not expect to make his position a career. He was working himself through college, a pursuit which was fully supported by Jerry Case. However, as Weaver’s experience in the field grew, so did his passion for the profession and his bond to the Case family. "From day one, it was like a family bond," recalls Weaver. "They just treated me so well."

30 years later, Weaver has changed as much as the veterinarian industry he serves. Now married with two children, Weaver has worked with three generations of Cases, watched the advances in prevention and treatment procedures and has kept up with the rigorous certification demands. He is a Board Certified Veterinary Technician making him qualified to do nearly everything required in an animal hospital under the supervision of a doctor with the exception of surgery. He has advanced from a kid right out of high school to the longest and one of the highest paid employees at the hospital.

The length of Weaver’s service is not lost on Case-McCorvey. "My daughter is five years old," she says. "That was the same age I was when Kenny started working here. Dad was a groomsman in his wedding. Kenny would pick me up from school. I just have the utmost respect for him."

That respect is mutual. As Weaver looks back over his career, he has fond memories and no intention of slowing down. The length of years has not decreased the excitement or the love of the animals. "I have no regrets and my life is good," says Weaver. "I cannot dream of retiring. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would still come to work. Working here forever is fine with me."

Case Veterinary Hospital is a full service animal hospital that has been serving Savannah’s animals for nearly 100 years. Located on Eisenhower, they specialize in preventive care services for the pet member of your family. As a strong supporter of "Twice a Year for Life," Case Veterinary Hospital uses the latest Veterinary technology to promote healthy dogs and cats. They are vastly experienced in providing inpatient services to sick or injured dogs and cats. Case Veterinary Hospital is also the place to take your pet to be spayed or neutered or to receive vaccinations

To learn more about Case Veterinary Hospital, log into www.casevet.com or call 912-352-3081.

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