For Immediate Release:
(SAVANNAH, Ga.) Tommy Linstroth of Trident Sustainability Group has been selected to join the American Institute of Architects – Sustainable Development Assessment Team (AIA-SDAT) for a project in Pittsburgh, PA. The collaborative SDAT program brings together architects and other professionals assembled from across the country to provide a roadmap for communities seeking to improve their sustainability – as defined by a communities ability to meet the environmental, economic, and social equity needs of today without reducing the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

This project, which takes place from October 4th-8th, is focusing on the distressed
Route 51 Corridor which runs from Pittsburgh through several municipalities.

"This is a great opportunity to bring in experts from across the country and help
revitalized a distressed part of a vital community, said Tommy Linstroth, Principal of
Trident Sustainability Group. "Hopefully this area can have a ripple effect across the

Trident Sustainability Group is a full-service sustainability and green building
consulting firm that focuses on providing triple bottom line solutions to a diverse range
of clients both locally and nationwide. Trident provides hands on guidance on green
building design and construction and offers extensive development-based expertise
to help clients achieve LEED certification for their projects. Trident also provides
institutional sustainability services to organizations, from nonprofit and small business
to municipalities and government agencies looking to decrease energy and water
consumption, improve indoor air quality, and reduce their environmental footprint.

Tommy Linstroth

Tommy Linstroth of Trident Sustainability Group has been selected to join the AIA-SDAT for a project in Pittsburgh, PA

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