(Savannah) John Wills has been named the new CCCS President.



(SAVANNAH, GA) The new Executive Committee of Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Savannah has been elected.  John Wills has been named the new CCCS President.  He is replacing the 11-year CCCS President Sonny Colley, who will retire on January 31st.
Wills, an expert on credit cards and consumer spending, has worked in the financial industry since 1995.  He earned an MBA from Wake Forest University and has experience in directing credit offices in Memphis, Greensboro and now, Savannah.
Tackling an average of $9,000 in debt per person in America, Wills is committed to helping Savannah residents overcome the credit card battle.  He plans to continue the legacy Colley is leaving behind, by helping families to create household budgets, sort through their debts and pay off creditors.
The rest of the new executive committee includes incoming Chairperson Sandra Best, who is the Vice President of Human Resources at Savannah State University.  Judd Hendry is the new 1st Vice President and also serves as an Operations Manager with Hospice.  The 2nd Vice President, Chris Miltiades, is the President of Workman’s Circle Credit Corporation.  The new CCCS Executive Committee Treasurer, Tom Cole, is a local attorney who specializes in bankruptcy.  Marsha Scott, who is the incoming secretary, works for the Board of Education Credit Union.
CCCS of Savannah was established in 1965.  It is a non-profit community based organization that helps people manage debt by setting up a budget and payment plan.  To date, the local CCCS offices have returned more than $70 million to creditors; money that would have otherwise gone unpaid or been lost to bankruptcy.
CCCS of Savannah is open from 9am-5pm Monday through Friday.  Evening appointments are available at 4:30 and 6:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The office is located at 7505 Waters Avenue, Suite C-11.   For more information, log on to www.cccssavannah.org or call 912-691-2227.  
In addition to the main office there are several CCCS satellite offices.  They are in Statesboro (912) 489-2227, Brunswick (912) 261-0060, Hinesville (912) 370-2227, Beaufort (843) 379-2227.

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