SMOKE FREE SAVANNAH Vote will be held at 2pm Aug 26 City Hall. PLEASE ATTEND

On Thursday, August 26th, the Savannah City Council will VOTE TO APPROVE the proposed smoke-free air ordinance – at least we hope they will! Healthy Savannah needs YOU to help pass this important ordinance which will ensure the right to breathe smoke-free air in our community.

The vote will be held at 2:00 p.m. in Council Chambers at City Hall. Please plan to attend and support the City Council as they enact this significant health policy measure.

The ordinance makes ALL workplaces smoke-free including the current exceptions to Georgia’s smoke-free law:

Outdoor eating areas in restaurants

All bars and restaurants

Long-term care facilities

Private and semi-private rooms in health care facilities

International airports

Convention facilities

Private clubs

Retail tobacco stores

Distances 10 feet from the entrance to any public building

Call and send messages of support to the Mayor and Aldermen. Please ask them to support the ordinance and to make certain outdoor eating areas are 100% smoke-free!

Mayor Otis Johnson 912-651-6444

Mayor Pro Tem Edna Jackson 912-355-6323

Alderman Jeff Felser 912-232-5353

Alderman Van Johnson 912-236-9494

Alderwoman Mary Osborne 912-507-7186

Alderman Larry Stuber 912-354-0357

Alderwoman Mary Ellen Sprague 912-232-2484

Alderman Clifton Jones 912-232-3270

Alderman Tony Thomas 912-927-7170


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