Enmarket Donates 500 Gallons of Diesel Fuel to Assist in Bryan County Tornado Cleanup

(Bryan County, GA) Enmarket, Savannah’s largest convenience store chain, has donated 500 gallons of diesel fuel to assist the residents of north Bryan County with cleanup efforts following last week’s devastating tornado destruction in areas around Pembroke and Black Creek. Enmarket partnered with Badger Rental Services to help fuel fleets of trucks, tractors and construction equipment provided by volunteers helping clean up trees and storm debris.

New Enmarket app boosts ease of mobile payment

How do you make a thriving convenience store better? By making it even more convenient, of course, and that’s just what Enmarket’s new free app does.

Enmarket recently released a new mobile app with a focus on reducing customer touchpoints in its stores. A new mobile payment option is available, allowing users to pay for fuel or inside merchandise directly and securely through the app — eliminating the need to touch the pin pad or swipe a card.

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