(USA) A Bold New Water Challenge for US:

RehydrateUS Aims to Conserve 1 Billion Gallons a Day with 3 easy steps

(USA) A bold — yet simple — water challenge is being launched at Greenbuild.  The RehydrateUS initiative, founded by sustainability guru Tommy Linstroth of Savannah based Melaver, Inc., calls for home and business owners to reduce their water consumption through three easy steps:

1) Replace existing toilets with ultra-high efficiency toilets
2) Switch out standard faucet aerators to ultra-low flow aerators
3) Swap existing shower heads with water efficient models.

These three steps can reduce household or business water consumption by 30-60%, and will result in saving 1 billion gallons of water per day.  The RehydrateUS Initiative is supported by a website, www.rehydrateus.org, which provides an easy to use calculator and a pledge form for you to use in making your commitment.

Tommy Linstroth is available for interviews on the billion gallon challenge.  For more information on The RehydrateUS Initiative, visit: 

Contact Tommy Linstroth:

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