(RICHMOND HILL, GA) Sugar Magnolia Homes Growth Energy Star Certified


(RICHMOND HILL, GA) – Sugar Magnolia Homes, a Richmond Hill-based custom home building company, was named the second-fastest growing builder in the United States by a recent issue of The Builder Magazine, a nationally circulated publication aimed at builders.

The magazine compiled a list of 100 companies based on a three-year compound annual growth rate for revenue. Sugar Magnolia has realized incredible growth since the company started in 2004. Sugar Magnolia, which focuses on sustainable building practices, prides itself on cutting costs through heavy reuse and recycling of building materials.  Sugar Magnolia relies on energy-efficient appliances, and its building practices mean less is wasted. The homes prove more cost-efficient to build, and more affordable for homeowners.

The company’s growth came not only from its building techniques, but also due to the fact that Sugar Magnolia saw a downturn in the housing market last year and dramatically slowed new construction to alleviate some of its inventory.

In 2004, Sugar Magnolia’s first year of operation, the company had four closings and net revenue of $1 million. By 2006, the builder had upped its closings to 18 and $6 million. In 2007, Sugar Magnolia projects up to 30 closings and $12 million in revenue, a 100 percent increase over last year.

The Builder Magazine contacted Sugar Magnolia President Derek Pomerenck recently to interview him about the list, which included builders from across America.

Sugar Magnolia Homes has two homes completed in Midtown at White Oak Village, a development off Hwy 17 South in Richmond Hill. The homes were opened for a weekend in October for potential buyers to come in and see how the company’s practices make for a tighter, better-built home. Each of Sugar Magnolia’s Homes at Midtown at White Oak Village is Energy Star certified, which means the building process meets guidelines set by the EPA, providing a healthy, durable and energy efficient home. Some of the main features of Energy Star homes include energy-efficient appliances, lighting and windows, tankless water heaters and foam blown insulation. Sugar Magnolia also emphasizes maximum control of air flow, moisture and temperature. For every ten homes the company builds, enough energy is saved to light one additional home.
For more information, contact Sugar Magnolia Homes at (912) 756-4014, or visit www.savesomegreenbuildgreen.com .

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