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Small Business Chamber’s New Board Plans for an Exciting 2008

(Savannah, GA) Savannah’s Small Business Chamber (SBC) will be rolling out some new and improved initiatives in the coming year, thanks to the fresh and innovative ideas of the current Board of Directors, elected this summer.

President of the SBC and owner of the local business Smart Feet, Carol Kirchner says that the Board has been exploring many ideas that they will be implementing in 2008 to make the SBC the nexus for all small business owners in the city.

“Many board members are bringing creative ideas to the table,” says Kirchner, “these perspectives have inspired some exciting changes and updates to SBC services and offerings. We are looking for ways to distinguish the SBC from other local organizations and to spotlight our members.”

Bunny Ware, Secretary of the SBC, is one of the new board members who have brought a spark to the organization, imparting a renewed energy and outlook onto the scene. Ware is very enthusiastic about being part of the growth and revitalization of the Small Business Chamber.

“I believe that small businesses in Savannah need an edge in order to compete head to head with big corporations that have access to large budgets and expense accounts,” says Ware. “For this reason, organizations such as Savannah’s Small Business Chamber are an important resource for the small business community.”

Ware is in charge of sales and marketing at The New South Café—a popular Savannah restaurant that serves gourmet southern cuisine and offers upscale catering services—where she is involved with everything from website and brochure creation to networking and promotion of the restaurant.

Ware says that after working in the corporate world for more than ten years, it is a pleasure to now be involved with a small company where she has a direct affect on the company’s growth and success. “It is very hands-on,” says Ware, “you can see the influence that your work has and that is very rewarding.”

Kirchner is enjoying the support she is receiving from Ware and others as she explores ways to expand SBC services to further serve the members of Savannah’s small business community.

Members of the SBC encompass almost every facet of service, products and support imaginable. The SBC provides information, education, and opportunities for networking to promote the success of member businesses and to support the small business community. The SBC holds meetings the second Tuesday of each month. For more information, check them out on the web at www.smallbusinesschamber.org.

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