(SAVANNAH, GA) Andrea Howard’s Hanger Glove Receives Patent License


Andrea Howard’s Hanger Glove Receives Patent License 

(SAVANNAH, GA) A patent for a new type of closet accessory has recently been granted to Andrea Howard of Savannah, Georgia. http://www.hangerglove.com{mosimage}{mosimage}

Hanger Glove is a uniquely formulated hanger cover made with neoprene and a special fabric, which prevents clothing from slipping and eliminates shoulder marks, the first on the market to do both. The flexibility of Hanger Glove allows customers to recycle their previous hangers, making it an efficient and environmentally friendly new product.  

"I never felt like I was asking too much to be able to purchase a product like the Hanger Glove," Andrea Howard, creator of Hanger Glove, said. "All I wanted was something that would keep my clothes on the hangers, off my closet floor, not leave shoulder bumps and sag marks, and allow me to recycle my existing hangers. How hard could it be?" 

After searching for solutions and finding none, Howard took matters into her own hands. She created various prototypes of the Hanger Glove, in different colors and shapes, testing them with her friends and family. Just as she had hoped, the Hanger Glove became the perfect solution, by turning the impractical hangers she already owned into valuable hangers she could actually use. 

"Now every time I flip through my closet deciding what to wear, nothing slips off the hanger and onto the floor. The Hanger Glove was my investment in the care of my family’s clothes," Andrea Howard said. 

For additional details about Hanger Glove, please visit Andrea Howard’s website, www.hangerglove.com

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Patent: Hanger Glove
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