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CIO.com currently features Savannah’s own The Sullivan Group discussing the technological advances they have taken to ensure continued service to their clients – even if a hurricane were to hit our area.
"We’re in Savannah, GA, so we’re right on the coast, and we’ve had a few hurricanes miss us by going north to Charleston, or hit south of us, but our luck’s not going to hold forever," said Rob Jones, the company’s Director of Information Technology, to the CIO.com reporter.
The company made the decision to begin the switch to a new state-of-the-art server virtualization system at the beginning of the year. Implementing the changes for The Sullivan Group’s more than 300 clients hasn’t happened over night.
"Because of the sheer volume of information that has to be moved from our original servers, we’re taking our time and making sure everything is working both for our company and for our clients," explained Jones.
Although disaster recovery was a key factor in the company’s decision to make the change to the new infrastructure, it wasn’t the only reason.  Clients are now also able to move a majority of their paper files to electronic ones.
"Helping our clients switch to virtual-based data systems maintains the integrity of stored human resources data and with easy, continuous access to information like payroll, tax filings, and medical benefits, anyone can see this is the next step in human resource management," said Erika Simpson, network administrator for The Sullivan Group.
The cutting edge technology allows customers to gain access to employee data, benefits information, and human resource management applications at any time.  And because of its portability, The Sullivan Group would be able to walk out the door with copies of the virtual servers and set-up in any space, allowing continuous access for clients to all of their stored information.
"There were a lot of factors that went into the decision, primarily the upgrade to SamWare (Human Resource Outsourcing software) and the need to make it mobile — we couldn’t pick up 15 physical servers and move them if we had to," Simpson explained to the CIO.com reporter.  "We could easily load the VMs on an external hard drive and go."
Based in Savannah, Georgia, The Sullivan Group is a Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) company focused on supporting small and medium-sized businesses.  Serving hundreds of small businesses in Georgia and South Carolina, The Sullivan Group provides each customer with the critical support and expert resources needed for a wide range of HR challenges including employee benefits, payroll, compliance tactics, staffing and workers compensation insurance.
For more information on The Sullivan Group or the human resource services available to their clients, visit the website at Simply Sullivans

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