(SAVANNAH, GA) Raise Money by Recycling Metal

Raise Money By Recycling

Thinking about tossing that old washing machine? Think again. That washing machine could raise funds for your group or organization.


Appliances are just one of many recyclable items accepted by Newell Recycling, one of the largest recyclers and processors of recycled metals in the Southeast.

“We encourage schools and organizations that are interested in raising money to fund their projects to start a recycling drive by going out and collecting recyclable metals and bringing them to Newell to sell,” says Bobby Triesch, vice president and director of Ferrous Operations.

Newell will pay per pound for any ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal brought to one of its locations. Recyclable goods range from objects as small as aluminum cans to large-scale items such as appliances, automobiles and farm equipment.

Drop-off locations in and near the Savannah area include the Garden City facility at 100 Sonny Perdue Drive and a facility in Statesboro at 9013 US Hwy 301 South. Additional Newell Recycling facilities are located in Augusta, Doraville, East Point, Elberton, Lithia Springs, and Macon, Georgia, and Allendale, South Carolina.

Another way for organizations to raise funds by recycling is to participate in Newell’s Cash for Cans program, an initiative aimed at helping organizations, schools, clubs and the community raise funds while simultaneously helping the environment. Newell provides participants with printed materials and specially designed collection trailers for the duration of their aluminum can drive. Once the trailer is full, Newell weighs the contents and pays the participating organizations for their cans.

Whether participating in Cash for Cans or collecting items on their own and bringing them to one of Newell’s seven feeder yards, organizations do much more than just raise funds. The items are all recycled and re-used, saving valuable precious natural resources.

The recycling process starts with the items that are collected at the Newell feeder yards. The metal parts are transported to one of the company’s three shredder plants in Savannah or Atlanta. Items dropped off at the feeder sites in Garden City, Statesboro, Augusta, Allendale and Macon are all transported to the Savannah Shredder.

The 6,000 hp shredder plants simultaneously process, separate and sort the recyclable metals down to the smallest particles. The shredders are capable of grinding the equivalent of 170 cars per hour into fist-sized pieces.

Once the items are shredded down, the metals are then cleaned and made ready for re-use and transported by truck, rail and ship to smelters, mills and foundries around the world.

Newell Recycling has received many accolades and awards over the years, including being named one of Atlanta’s 50 Fastest-Growing Private Companies and one of Atlanta’s Top 10 Fastest-Growing Women-Owned Firms by the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Newell Recycling was also featured on The Discovery Channel show “Mega Machines.”

For more information on how to raise funds by recycling and to learn more about Newell Recycling, please visit www.newellrecycling.com


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