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April 2007

(SAVANNAH, GA) Gov. Sonny Perdue honors legacy of Capt. John Derst in proclamation

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(SAVANNAH, GA) 4/30/07 –  Gov. Sonny Perdue has honored Derst Baking Company founder Captain John Derst in a proclamation for Confederate History Month. Last year’s honored Confederate was the developer of Coca-Cola, John Pemberton.

The governor’s proclamation reads: “One of the many Confederate soldiers who made a significant contribution to the state was Captain John Derst, a German immigrant who lent his services as a soldier and a baker. After the war, he formed the Derst Baking Company, which remained a family-run business for over a dozen decades of operation. Through their business practices and good works, Derst and his family have contributed significantly to the economic and cultural development of the City of Savannah and the state of Georgia.”

Derst founded Derst Baking Company in 1867 on Broughton Street in Savannah. He came to America at the age of 17 after the death of his mother in the small Rhenish village of Pfeddersheim. He served as an apprentice to a baker for three years and carefully documented each recipe in both English and German. He then volunteered as a private with the DeKalb Rifles. The last two and one half years
of his service in the Rifles found him listed as chief baker at the Confederate hospital in Atlanta, where he was sent after becoming an invalid, according to the Derst Baking Company history information.

Derst was an alderman for the City of Savannah and was instrumental in starting
the first fire department in Savannah.

“It is a great honor that has been bestowed on my great-grandfather and the contributions he has made to the City of Savannah and the state of Georgia,” said Morgan Derst, who works at the company founded by his great-grandfather. “Through his dedication he helped bring our company where it is today, still producing quality goods with distribution throughout the Southeast. So many jobs
have been created by our company, and many other jobs have been created outside our company as a result of our business.”

Derst Baking Company LLC was founded in 1867 in Savannah. Its quality baked goods are distributed throughout the Southeast. It merged last year with Flowers
Foods. Derst Baking Company LLC provides employment to several hundred people in South Carolina and Georgia.
Contact: Morgan Derst at (912) 233-2235

(SAVANNAH, GA) Press Conference, April 26, 10:30 AM for Merger and Name Change. Community Health

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Community Healthcare Center, Savannah Health Mission merger becoming official Crucial healthcare provider will be known as Community Health Mission (SAVANNAH) – Community Healthcare Center and Savannah Health Mission, Savannah’s essential healthcare organizations for the uninsured, will complete a merger that was initially announced in May 2006. The new organization will be named Community Health Mission (CHM). A press conference will be held Thursday, April 26 at 10:30 a.m. to provide more information to the public. It will be held on the lawn of the Chatham County Health Department on Eisenhower Drive; in the event of rain it will be held inside the Health Department. The organizations play a vital role in providing health care to uninsured adults in the Savannah area. Community Healthcare Center and Savannah Health Mission have been working together with a combined board and one executive director, Dr. Miriam Rittmeyer, since May 2006. The merger was planned to better serve a diverse population of patients who are unable to afford health insurance and don't qualify for Medicare or Medicaid. The majority of patients are women working in small businesses or in jobs that don't pay benefits.  The organizations provide nearly 10,000 patient visits annually on a combined basis. The press conference will provide details about providing increased efficiency through Community Health Mission.  Officials will also explain the serious problem of uninsured people in Chatham County: there are about 45,000 uninsured people in Chatham County. Reporters will hear the reason for and importance of the merger, as well as the future of this organization. The former Community Healthcare Center is part of the Volunteers in Medicine (VIM) initiative with the model of a free health clinic/center that utilizes retired health care professionals. Currently, the Community Healthcare Center is funded by community donations, grants and Memorial Health University Medical Center (MHUMC), and it receives support for specific programs from St. Joseph’s/Candler.  The center is located at 310 Eisenhower Drive, #5. Community Healthcare Center serves a diverse population of patients who are unable to afford health insurance and don't qualify for Medicare or Medicaid. The majority of patients are women working in small businesses or in jobs that don't pay benefits.   A clinic for the uninsured founded 10 years ago by Dr. Chip Goldsmith, the former Savannah Health Mission treats about 150 people a month.  More than 50 volunteer physicians, nurses and other health professionals donate their time on Thursday nights at the Georgia Ear Institute located on the campus of MHUMC. Savannah Health Mission operates on donations from churches, individuals, small foundations and Memorial Health University Medical Center. The generous financial contributions together with time contributed by retired and volunteer physicians, other medical and technical professionals and daily volunteer office support make it possible to provide quality medical care, education and lifestyle changes for people in need in Chatham County and nearby communities.  If you would like to receive more information, volunteer your services or make a tax-deductible donation, call: (912) 398-4810, Dr. Miriam Rittmeyer, Executive Director of Community Health Mission, or visit the website at For more information: (912) 398-4810 Dr. Miriam Rittmeyer, Executive Director of Community Health Mission

(SAVANNAH, GA) CCCS of Savannah Announces New Hire Lillian Henry

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(SAVANNAH, GA) Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Savannah is proud to announce one of its newest hires.  Lillian Henry joined the team in February as a Credit Counselor.

Working for a community-oriented business is something Henry knows very well.  Prior to this job, she worked in Los Angeles, California as a social worker at the Centers for Community and Family Services.  She also worked in the LA area, for ‘City of Hope.’  ‘City of Hope’ is a biomedical research, educational and treatment institution dedicated to the prevention and cure of cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

When she made the moved to Savannah last year, Henry says she knew she wanted a job that was based upon helping people.

“I’ve always worked with companies that were made to make people’s lives better that focused on making the world better,” she says.  “This job is more than I could ever ask for.”

So not only does Henry have her dream job, but she’s also doing it in a city she adores.

“I’ve been trying to live in Savannah since I was a little girl my mother was from here and most of my family is here.”

When she would visit the hostess city as a child, Henry says she always dreamed of one day making Savannah her home.  Now, she’s turned that dream into a reality.

“Savannah is everything I thought it would be.  The only thing I miss are my friends in California, but I have plenty of family and friends here too, so I’m happy.”

She’ll be working Monday — Friday at the CCCS Waters Avenue office.

CCCS teaches consumers how to manage their money and credit with strategic budget planning information to encourage debt-free living and also offers home buying counseling at no charge.

CCCS has two offices in Savannah.  The main office is open 5 days a week from 9am — 5pm.  It is located at 7505 Waters Avenue, Suite C-11.   The newly opened Hunter Army Airfield office is opened W-F from 1pm-5pm.  To learn more about CCCS of Savannah, call 912-691-2227 or log on at

(SAVANNAH, GA) Executive Chef Scott Gordon Brings Unique Flair to The New South Café

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(Savannah, GA) The New South Café (TNSC) is proud to introduce their Vice President and Executive Chef, Scott Gordon. Touting an impressive resume, Chef Scott brings a unique style and flair to The New South Café .

A graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, his skills and style have been shaped by many outstanding culinarians along the way, including the well known Chef Fritz Gitschner who was recently nominated by the American Culinary Federation for Chef of the Year and the world famous Chef Norman Van Aken, founder of the visionary way of cooking known as 'New World Cuisine.' Chef Scott worked in Florida for many years with Chef Norman Van Aken and has brought that unique influence with him to Savannah.

As Executive Chef at TNSC, Scott uses his expertise behind the scenes, creating the menus, preparing the cuisine and executing the masterful plate presentations. Describing his dishes as art on a plate, Chef Scott takes great pride in this aspect of being a chef. "The way food is presented is an important part of the dining experience. I like to send out a dish that can be
admired and seems at first glance too beautiful to eat," he said.

The unique influence and style that Chef Scott brings to the TNSC includes living off the local land here in Savannah and incorporating the popular flavors of both Latin food and Asian cuisine, while also maintaining the integrity of southern style food. The fusion creates quite an experience for the taste buds.

"We prepare fabulous southern food, but not what you will find on any other menu in the city," Chef Scott said.

A native of Philadelphia, Scott moved to Atlantic City at seven years old. According to Scott he was a natural in the kitchen. He loved to cook and eat growing up. He often watched his mother prepare food for the family, sneaking in tastes when her back was turned. It is here that he began learning about different ingredients, spices and cuts of meat. "I realized very early on that by preparing the food, I was able to select the best parts and freshest ingredients for myself," he said, "which was much easier than fighting with my three brothers at the dinner table."

Chef Scott began working in the restaurant industry during high school. He worked his way up through various full service dining establishments including casinos, large Greek diners, and an upscale restaurant in Trump Plaza. While working at Trump Plaza he was pulled aside by two CIA alumni who recommended Scott expand his natural abilities with formal culinary training. Impressed by Scott's talent in the kitchen, both chefs wrote letters of recommendation to the top rated Culinary Institute of America where Scott began his professional culinary journey, transforming his raw talent into a ripe culinary career.

TNSC serves comfort food gourmet style, matching your appetite for a new culinary experience with your hunger for the authentic food of the south. Founders and co-owners, Chefs Matthew Cohen and Scott Gordon, pride themselves in breaking the stigma commonly placed on southern style food, offering a young and fresh perspective on old southern favorites.

The New South Café is open Tuesday through Saturday, offering lunch from 11 a.m. — 3 p.m. and dinner from 5 p.m. — 9 p.m. They are located at 2601 Skidaway Road in Savannah, GA. Chefs Matt and Scott offer upscale catering services for corporate events, conventions, executive lunches, private parties, weddings, receptions and bar mitzvahs. For more information visit or call 912-233-7558.

(SAVANNAH) Gloria Allen is one of the newest LPN’s to join the staff at Wound Care Clinic ESU, Inc.

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(SAVANNAH, GA) Gloria Allen is one of the newest LPN's to join the staff at Wound Care Clinic ESU, Inc.

Allen brings more than 30 years of nursing experience to Wound Care.  She most recently spent 4½ years working for the Chatham Count Health Department where she worked in the triage lab.  She also worked at the Georgia Regional Hospital and a total of 15 years working for Memorial Health. 

When this Savannah native began working at Wound Care, Allen thought she might work one day a week.  Now, just 3 months into the job, she's working 4 days a week.

"I want to be here," she says.

"Every last one of our employees and clients are wonderful.  God has put me in a great place and I'm just thankful to be here."

Wound Care Clinic ESU, Inc. is located at 815 East 68th Street, Suite 2 in Savannah.  The purpose of the clinic is to heal chronic and acute non-healing wounds utilizing electrical stimulation, ultrasound and standard therapies.   To learn more, call (912) 691-2614 or log on at

(SAVANNAH, GA) Big Plans Make for a Big Move for The Sullivan Group

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(Savannah, GA)  “We’ve wanted to branch out into the Atlanta market for several years,” explains Sullivan Group Chief Executive Officer Martin Sullivan.  “Qualistaff mirrors a number of our core values, and this opportunity was a perfect fit.”

The Sullivan Group purchased majority interest in Qualistaff, a two-year-old staffing firm located in Kennesaw, GA.  Qualistaff will not only keep their name, but will double their staff in order to keep up with demand.

“This is the best thing that could have happened to our organization,” says Ann Marie Rubadue, President of Qualistaff.  “We will not only continue to offer our staffing and recruiting services for our Atlanta area clients, but we will be able to tap into the other areas of human resource services that The Sullivan Group provides.”

The Sullivan Group was founded in 1986.  Through its numerous divisions, the company is able to provide its clients an array of human resource services.

The Sullivan Group offers human resource outsourcing through its Sullivan’s  Administrative Managers division.  The company furnishes staffing and recruiting needs under the Sullivan Staffing brand name. serves an internet job posting board, while Glacier Technology and provide specialty job placements with emphasis in computer technology.  The Sullivan Group also provides commercial and personal insurance through the Sapelo Creative Insurance subsidiary.

“We are excited about this expansion.  We know we can deliver services to a number of small businesses in Atlanta that will give them a way to simplify their human resource needs,” says Sullivan.

For more information on The Sullivan Group or the human resource services available to their clients, visit the website at

(SAVANNAH, GA) Mary Adams is now an LPN at Wound Care Clinic ESU, Inc.

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(SAVANNAH, GA)  Mary Adams is now an LPN at Wound Care Clinic  ESU, Inc.

Prior to this job, Adams worked 3 years at the JC Lewis Health Clinic, which is a clinic for the homeless run by the Union Mission.  One of her previous co-workers, Melanie Finocchiarro, left that clinic to work at Wound Care and that’s how Adams heard of the opening for an LPN.  Just like Finocchiarro, Adams loved working at the JC Lewis Health Clinic.  However, both say they couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work at a place of business like Wound Care.

“I applied and got the job and it turned out to be just like I thought.  My co-workers are unbelievable people and so are the patients.  I really enjoy my job and I thank God for it.”

Mary Adams is an Effingham County native and has lived in Savannah for 35 years.  She works at Wound Care 3 days a week.

“This is one of those jobs that, if you could a afford it, you’d get up every day and work for free,” says Adams.

Wound Care Clinic ESU, Inc. is located at 815 East 68th Street, Suite 2 in Savannah.  The purpose of the clinic is to heal chronic and acute non-healing wounds utilizing electrical stimulation, ultrasound and standard therapies.   To learn more, call (912) 691-2614 or log on at

Magnolia Manor on the Coast is pleased to welcome Joe Amato as Guest Speaker

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(RICHMOND HILL, GA)  Magnolia Manor on the Coast is pleased to welcome Joe Amato, owner of Seventh Heaven Antique Mall, as guest speaker in their Terrific Tuesdays Lecture Series.  Amato will teach guests how to evaluate their own pieces focusing specifically on the difference between early, mid-century, and 20th century antiques.

Otherwise known as period, centennial, or reproduction pieces, Amato will use cabinet maker tools from each period to demonstrate what amateur collectors can look for in order to evaluate their own collections.   Amato displays at antique shows in Atlanta monthly, has been with Seventh Heaven Antique Mall for 16 years, and has been owner since June when his partner retired.  Prior to that he was a carpenter with Ronald McDonald House where his love of antiques began.  "I loved the way older craftsmen built," explains Amato. 

Seventh Heaven Antique Mall is located at 3104 Skidaway Road and buys and sells antique furniture and collectibles and conducts estate sales.

Magnolia Manor on the Coast invites the public to this Terrific Tuesdays Lecture Series on May 8th at 3:30 p.m.  Sessions are held every Tuesday at no charge, however an RSVP is required.  To RSVP or for a complete schedule call Julie Gartside at 912-756-4300.

Magnolia Manor on the Coast, located in Richmond Hill, is a non-profit, active, rental retirement community for seniors age 62 and older.  It offers 120 one and two-bedroom apartment homes with full kitchens and patios.  Located on 40 wooded acres, Magnolia Manor offers stimulating social and cultural activities and has amenities such as a wellness center with indoor exercise pool, barber and beauty salon, library and media center, game and activity rooms, three full-service dining rooms, as well as a formal parlor and chapel.  Secure, safe and maintenance free, Magnolia Manor in Richmond Hill is a wonderful place to be.Now offering peace of mind with on-site assisted living. For more information or to request a brochure, please call (912) 756-4300.

Franklin Williams March 2007 Top Producer status for Celia Dunn Sotheby’s International Realty

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(SAVANNAH, GA) Franklin Williams earned March 2007 Top Producer status for Celia Dunn Sotheby's International Realty. He also earned Top Producer for January 2007, February 2006 and for the years 2004 and 2005.

A native Savannahian, Williams has been an associate broker with Celia Dunn Sotheby's International Realty for the last three and a half years.

Williams has represented many buyers and sellers for residential properties ranging from historic townhouses to waterfront properties, land and commercial real estate. He has 20-plus years' experience in real estate.

"My promise to my clients is to provide them personal and professional real estate services which save them time, energy and money," Williams said. "Every sale and purchase is equally important to me."

Williams was a founding member of the Live Oaks Public Libraries Foundation, which raised the original funds for the collection of books for the reopening of the main branch on Bull Street. He has also been a member and supporter of the Telfair Museum of Arts, Historic Savannah Foundation and Georgia Historical Society.  

Known for its tradition of integrity, Celia Dunn Sotheby's International Realty specializes in fine luxury residential and commercial properties in Savannah and the Low Country of Georgia and South Carolina. Founded in 1981, Celia Dunn Sotheby's International Realty is noted for outstanding service to its clients, thorough knowledge of Savannah and the South Carolina Low Country, and excellent staff, in addition to having one of the region's top property management departments. The owners are natives of Savannah who have more than 60 years' combined experience in real estate. The offices are located at 9, 13, and 17 West Charlton Street on Madison Square in Savannah and 6 Bruin Street in Bluffton, S.C.

For more information, call Celia Dunn Sotheby's International Realty at (912) 234-3323 or visit To contact the Bluffton office, call (843) 836-3900.

(SAVANNAH, GA) Anthony Wagner of Melaver | Mouchet is designated a LEED AP

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(SAVANNAH,GA)  Anthony Wagner, a commercial real estate sales agent with Melaver | Mouchet, has received his Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design 2.2 accreditation from the U.S. Green Building Council, making him a LEED Accredited Professional. LEED APs have demonstrated a thorough understanding of green building practices and principles and familiarity with LEED requirements, resources, and processes.

Wagner’s responsibilities include leasing retail space throughout the region as well as for one of Melaver’s flagship projects, Abercorn Common. Prior to his real estate career, Wagner was operations manager for a local research and development startup company. He is also experienced in project management, coordinating the mass installation of computer-based restaurant management systems for national quick-service restaurants.

Wagner has a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Melaver | Mouchet is a leader in the commercial real estate market in Savannah and throughout Southeast Georgia.

Melaver, Inc. is a third-generation, family-owned business based in Savannah, Georgia. The company recently received the Business of the Year award from Buy Local of Savannah for its local commitment to designing environmentally responsible projects. The company developed one of the first LEED certified buildings in the U.S. that is also on the National Historic Register. It has also developed the first all-retail LEED shopping center in the country, Abercorn Common, including the first LEED McDonald’s in the U.S.


Contact: (912) 236-0781

Contact: (912) 238-5416